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Shattered Worlds:War-Torn

But what is it that makes Shattered Worlds:War-Torn so special?

  • A Completely Rebalanced Ship System
  • Completely Overhauled Economy
  • All-New Mining System
  • Stunning Graphic Improvements
  • An Ever-Evolving World
  • And Much, MUCH More!

800 A.S. was nearly catastrophic to the entire Sirius sector, stretching from the comfortable center of society that was Liberty all the way out to the Border Worlds and beyond. Menacing troop movements by Rheinland pushed President Jacobi of Liberty to invite representatives to Manhattan for discussion; the subsequent destruction of the convoy by a mysterious "Order" echoed throughout the entire sector, sending whispers of war.

Tensions flared dangerously and Rheinland began pushing ships all over their borders. Kusari and Bretonia cautioned Rheinland that they would defend their space with force if necessary, and Liberty struggled with its own internal conflicts. For some time it seemed like a war was entirely unavoidable. . .

. . . Until the entire situation suddenly diffused. Where the tensions had flared or why they had suddenly been resolved was kept a secret by the House officials ever since.

Five years have since passed. The Houses have normalized their relations, but tensions are building again. Each House has been seen outside of their standard borders, and each House is maneuvering to halt the others advance. The unity of the Houses has been destroyed over the last five years. The entire Sirius sector stands on the brink of war. And you could be the deciding factor.

This is Shattered Worlds: War-Torn:

A Completely Rebalanced Ship System-

Long gone are the basic classes of Light Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Very Heavy Fighter, and Freighter. In Shattered Worlds: War-Torn, you get to fly how you want! Scouts, Interceptors, Combat Fighters, and Light Bombers make the archetypes of combat vessels, with specializations such as the Heavy Scout, Thrust Interceptor, and Fast Attack Fighter tweaking each class to your liking. With approximately 100 player-flyable ships available, many of which are exclusive to Shattered Worlds: War-Torn, you're sure to find your favorite way to fly.

Completely Overhauled Economy-

Make money how you want! Classic Credit generators such as missions and trading have been redone to be more rewarding and diverse, while new ways to earn have been implemented, including seven new freigher classes designed for different missions. Make the big bucks as a pirate, locking the trade lanes and looting the spoils; smuggle cardamine into lawful space to shady clients; trade goods from luxury food to rubber duckies from one side of Sirius to the other; or dedicate yourself to harvesting the spoils of the galaxy in a mining ship. The decision is yours to make!

All-New Mining System-

A new and exclusive way to mine has been developed by the mod team, making mining just as viable a source of income as even the wealthiest of traders in the largest of trains. So grab your mining ship, aim that mining laser (you won't be able to mine without it!), and haul your precious rock-bound cargo to those waiting to pay you big.

Stunning Graphic Improvements-

With all new effects from custom ALE files; gorgeous, hand-crafted Starspheres; high-quality custom models; and many other huge improvements, Shattered Worlds: War-Torn is the most visually stimulating modification for Freelancer yet.

An Ever-Evolving World-

The Sirius sector is alive in Shattered Worlds: War-Torn. Traders, Miners, Pirates, Police, Bounty Hunters, and Freelancers move from system to system, interacting and communicating, fighting for survival in their ever changing sector of space. Five years have passed since 800 A.S, and the systems show it. Some stations have evolved, factions are advancing, and new powers have emerged from the great black, such as the mysterious Guild, the twisted Nomad Cult, and even the Nomad aliens themselves.

And Much, MUCH More!

Capital Ships, echoes of war, and even rumors of life beyond the Sirius rim in the Orion Sector hint at some of the planned changes for this ever-expanding mod. With all the improvements listed above, plus numerous other changes and tweaks, and a warm and inviting community to top it all off, what are you waiting for? Come carve your own destiny and leave your mark in the universe that is:

Shattered Worlds: War-Torn

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