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Discovery Freelancer Mod version 4.83 by Igiss
The award-winning Discovery modification was designed as a full-scale expansion pack for Freelancer. It breathes new life into the familiar PC game by adding lots of new features without taking away the atmosphere and balance of the original. Discovery allows players to develop and explore far beyond the reaches of unmodded Freelancer, both in multiplayer and in singleplayer modes. The modification adds 63 new systems, 107 new ships, hundreds of new weapons, equipment and commodities, new factions and NPC encounters, and much more - everything seamlessly integrated into the Freelancer Universe. View distance limitations, 1 billion player credit limit, and 10 million item price limit are all things of the past for Discovery.
In January 2007, Discovery Mod was chosen to receive the Simulation Genre Award of's Mod of the Year-2006 (MOTY-2006).
Version 4.83 continues the best traditions of its predecessors with lots of new features to enjoy, including 10 new ships (5 of them are Discovery-exclusive models created by Legeonation, Vaporlynx, and Doom), 4 new and 8 updated systems (many of them clan systems by Dab and Nightfall), dozens of new weapons for fighters and capital ships, armor upgrades for capital ships, new equipment and commodities. Three new factions became part of Discovery with the new release; NPC Freelancers can now be seen in many regions of Sirius. Like before, storyline singleplayer is fully supported, and Open Singleplayer can be enabled with the Mod options. Complete changelog can be viewed in the Readme.txt file.
Visit the Discovery forums at and the Discovery website at for more information on the Mod and multiplayer servers.
Before you start
Discovery mod was designed to be easy for beginners, but there are several things that you should know before you start.
1) Before turning Open Singleplayer on, make sure that you have a backup copy of the original Freelancer\DLLS\BIN\content.dll file. Freelancer Mod Manager (FLMM) will delete this file during Mod deactivation, and you'll need to restore it manually. If Open Singleplayer is not enabled, content.dll will not be deleted. 2) It is not recommended to install any other mods or patches prior to and after Discovery activation. 1.1 official patch is included in the Mod. 3) If Discovery won't activate properly in the Freelancer Mod Manager, your Freelancer installation is most probably corrupt. Reinstall Freelancer, and the Freelancer Mod Manager, if necessary. 4) Do not forget to transfer scanners, ID items, and armor upgrades each time when you buy a new ship. These items are displayed in 'Internal Equipment' section of ship inventory. 5) ID items present in Discovery are not used only for role-playing. They also act as tractor beams. Freelancer ID's are available for purchase from every base (500 credits). 6) If your large ship gets stuck while undocking from certain space stations, try moving backward, use thruster, or log off and on again with your character. 7) If you are automatically kicked from multiplayer servers, either check your ship loadout for equipment that's no longer mountable on this ship, or stop cheating. 8) Never enable Open Singleplayer when playing online. 9) Refer to the Readme.txt if you need help and more information.
General features
- 107 new pilotable ships of different classes. - Each new ship carefully customized. - 63 new systems, including 9 fully populated systems, 30 populated clan systems, Arena system, and many more. - Numerous new bases both in new and original systems. - Player credit limit increased to 2 billion; maximum item price increased to 1 billion. - Unique and simple docking system - large ships can dock everywhere. - New assignable hotkeys for up/down strafe and selecting subtargets. - Evolving storyline about the war between Kusari and Bretonia, and about the pirate war between Corsairs and Outcasts. - View range increased - you'll see stations, ships, trade lanes from a longer distance (can be changed in Mod options). - Numerous new factions, including 30 Guardian factions, Freelancer faction, and more. - Many dozens of balanced new guns and turrets for fighters and capital ships. - New equipment, including armor upgrades, scanners, thrusters. - New commodities and trade routes; all ships drop pilots when destroyed. - Battleship encounters in most populated systems, Nomad battleship encounters in the Unknown systems. - Battleship killing missions available, all mission rewards increased. - NPC AI enhanced, NPC's use shield batteries and nanobots. - Faction ID's available for role-playing purposes. ID item also serves as a tractor beam. - Serverside options when activating the mod: server administrators can enable or disable player looting, set starting money and reputation, choose character uniform. - Clientside options when activating the mod: players can disable or enable intro movies, player engine trails, spinning planets, change view distance. - Open Singleplayer (Open Singleplayer) can be enabled as a Mod option; players can choose Open Singleplayer starting system, credits and reputation. - Storyline singleplayer available when Open Singleplayer is disabled. - Correct and complete infocards for all new ships, items, and commodities. - Everything is ready to start your own server: IONCROSS data files included. - Many other features - see the changelog in Readme.txt file! - And last, but not least - retained original Freelancer atmosphere and playstyle.
New in Discovery 4.83
- 10 new ships: Arrow by Vaporlynx Collector (CSV II) by Doom Decurion (Advanced Legionnaire) Dragon Gunboat by Vaporlynx Griffin (Advanced Hawk) Huntress Cruiser Hyena (advanced Bloodhound) Kusari Cruise Liner Stinger by Legeonation Tiger Shark by Legeonation - 4 new systems: Dundee (Bretonia) Omega-52 (Omega space) Omega-55 (Omega space) Omicron-64 (Omicron space) - 8 updated systems: Connecticut (Arena system) Omicron-74 (Zoner system) by Dab Omicron-82 (Phantom system) by Nightfall Omicron-85 (Outcast system) by Nightfall Omicron-100 (The Order system) by Nightfall Tau-63 (Blood Dragon system) by Nightfall Vespucci (Lane Hacker system) by Dab Virginia (Liberty Navy system) by Dab - 18 new stations in both new and updated systems listed above. - New objects (planets, asteroid fields, wrecks) added to many of the previously empty systems and guard systems. - 3 new factions: Freelancers, The Wild, and Phantoms. - Players are visible for other players from longer distance (15K). - View distance for player and NPC fighters and freighters increased. - All shipyards now sell capital ships, along with shields, weapons, and equipment for capital ships. - 12 new level 9 weapons available for fighters. All pirate factions now have their own level 9 weaponry. List of weapons: Heavy Flashpoint (new version), Barrager Mk V, Protector Mk IV, Suncannon D, Fury 5, Destroyer, Hellflurry Mk IV, Trefoil, Luger Type D, Gaia's Angel, Black Widow (new version), Vulture 4. - 7 new missile turrets for capital ships added. - Power and energy efficiency of all capital ship turrets rebalanced; missile turret refire rate halved. - High-level fighter guns and turrets rebalanced, prices changed. - Turret number for some of the largest battleships increased from 14 to 16. - 7 new armor upgrades for capital ships added. - Fighter turret levels range from 1 to 5 now (original levels were divided by two, so level 10 is now level 5, level 7 is level 4 etc.). This was necessary to distinguish between larger and smaller turrets. - Maneuverability of all gunboats reduced. Balance for all capital ships enhanced. - Countermeasure dropper hardpoints added to capital ships of all classes, both new and original, including the liners. - The original Starflier added for sale at Pittsburgh. - Solaris became a level 10 codename available only from wrecks. Two new codenames added. - New thruster for capital ships added. - Explosions of capital ships look more impressive. - Sounds enabled for Liner, Prison Liner and several other engines. - Relations between factions updated. - Nomads are now visible on the faction reputation list. - Descriptions for many factions updated; new allies, enemies listed. - Mission level increased for House battleships and certain stations. - Power of turrets increased for stationary battleships of all Houses. - Armor and codename weapons now require cargo space to carry (weapons don't take up cargo space when mounted). - Base price for many original commodities increased to make trade routes more profitable. Many trade routes changed. - Spaceship Crew commodity added. Server rules for RP and PvP official 24/7 servers available as commodities. - Special admin commodities available: Warning Notification and Fine Notification. - New ID types added: Military ID, Pirate ID, Trader ID, Terrorist ID, Phantom ID, and others. ID prices now differ. - Mineable asteroids drop more loot (fix based on mineable field list by Sid). - New Mod option: view distance selection. Available choices: Medium (Discovery default), Low (Freelancer original), High. - War between Bretonia and Kusari continues; more news about ongoing events available. - Many other changes related to weapon and ship balance, system layout, equipment stats, and more. - Fixed few bugs remaining from 4.82, corrected infocard errors.
Transition to 4.83 from previous versions.
Equipment changes necessary after this release: - Albatross & Assault Battlecruisers: equipping battleship shields is no longer possible. - Corsair Dreadnought is no longer usable and should be exchanged for another ship. - Corsair Gunboat - forward gun should be replaced with a turret. - Liner and Prison Liner - most level 8 turrets should be changed to level 7 or lower. - Miner - level 8 turrets should be changed to level 7 or lower. - Mk II light fighters - level 9 shields should be changed to level 8 or lower. - Starblazer - weapons and shield should be changed. - Swarm missile pod is no longer usable, should be unequipped and sold.
Player wipe is not required when transferring from 4.82 to 4.83. Wipe is essential if the server previously had Discovery 4.80 installed, and highly recommended if the server had 4.81 installed.
Discovery Installation
1) Requirements: - Complete and clean installation of Freelancer without any patches or addons. English version is preferable, for all Discovery texts are written in English. - Freelancer Mod Manager (FLMM) version 1.3 or 1.4 latest beta (currently beta 4). You can download the Freelancer Mod Manager v1.3 here. - 100 Mb of free space is required on the disk where FLMM is installed; 200 Mb of free space is required on the disk where Freelancer is installed. No additional system requirements apply. 2) When all required software is installed and ready for use, download the Discovery Mod ( file and double-click it. If the Freelancer Mod Manager was installed correctly, the file will be unzipped in the Freelancer Mod Manager\mods folder. "Ready for activation" message will appear, and the Freelancer Mod Manager main window will open. 3) On this stage, you should be ready to set up options for Discovery. If you are not sure what to choose, refer to appropriate section of the Readme.txt file which can be viewed in the Freelancer Mod Manager. If you are going to play Open Singleplayer, backup the original Freelancer\DLLS\BIN\content.dll NOW. 4) In the Freelancer Mod Manager main window you will see a list of all Mods available for activation. Choose Discovery and press Activate. Mod options window will appear. Choose the options you prefer and proceed with activation; this will take some time (up to 1 minute). 5) If the Mod is activated successfully, you will see a green mark next to its name in the Mod Manager. Everything is ready for playing now. 6) To reset setup options, deactivate and activate the Mod in the Mod Manager. Deactivation of Discovery is absolutely safe and will not corrupt your Freelancer installation. If you enabled Open Singleplayer, copy the backup of content.dll to the original folder after Mod deactivation.
Lead modder: Igiss
System contributions
Munich: Angel
Newcastle: Angel
Omega-15: Angel
Omega-47: Angel
Omega-49: Angel
Omicron-74: Dab
Omicron-82: Nightfall
Omicron-85: Nightfall
Omicron-100: Nightfall
Tau-63: Nightfall
Vespucci: Dab
Virginia: Dab

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