How to add new faction names to missions

  • Reynen makes reference to modifying content.dll to get FL to reference new factions... i´ve looked for names (text, crc & ids refs) in a hex editor but no joy... anyone got a clue what i´m missing? +++ out of cheese error - redo from start +++

  • Moonhead , you are correct. I actually went ahead and tried getting the nomads to show on rep last night and found out some interesting things. First off, I looked in the savefile and found that the lines that have something like: visit = 37111, 65

  • Awesome Anton! So it looks like yes, it was hardcoded, but the coding was in a dll so thats great that it can be changed. Thanks for your efforts!! P.S. I would still like to know what the numbers in the save file for visit = are for factions. . .

  • Chips, Your info worked great, I now have working encounters with the new factions. Can´t belive how close I was LOL. As far as the diagnal strafe, I would have no problem doing that, however I made a deal with Grekstar2k: He is the one who actually came up with the strafing and showed me how to do it. So he is the one you should contact. He got all mad that people were contacting me about it and thew a fit about it on the site. So people should contact Gregstar2k if you want information about how to do it. <b>Reynen Starfyre Project Leader: <A href=´´ Target=_Blank>Starfyre Studios</a> Freelancer: The Next Generation </b>