Freelancer Related Games & Large Mod Projects List

  • Hey guys!

    I'm looking to engage the various Freelancer communities to help me build an ever improving list of Freelancer related games out there.

    Long story short, in 2014 I created a Freelancer section on my oldschool retro website paying tribute to the original Freelancer games along with the great many successful & sadly unsuccessful Freelancer related fan projects out there to make sure that they are never forgotten and can inspire talented Freelancer fans to create new Freelancer projects in the future. For that list I collected pics, vids, demos, and information for as many of the projects as possible. I could use some help from the community with this list as I'm sure there's more I don't know about. This is my latest summary of the website list below.


    (Note: Originally built in 2001 this website is still deliberately very late 90s early 2000s retro in design. So if you’re not nostalgic for old retro websites with music, animating gifs & left click browsing then you probably won’t like it)


    Freelancer related game projects list (Updated 01/01/2017) :

    Large scale mod projects that expand the story

    - Crossfire Mod - Huge MPlayer & SPlayer expansion to Freelancer

    - Discovery Mod - Huge MPlayer expansion to Freelancer

    - The Void Mod - Huge MPlayer expansion to Freelancer

    - Shadow of Fear Mod - Huge MPlayer & SPlayer expansion to Freelancer

    - Rebirth Mod - Huge MPlayer expansion to Freelancer

    - Freelancer 2: Continuum - A standalone fan sequel being created by the Crossfire Team

    Very Similar Games

    - Star Citizen - Chris Roberts next big Freelancer style game

    - Wing Commander Privateer Series - Chris Roberts original series that inspired Freelancer

    - X Series - One of the greatest space combat & exploration series out there

    - DarkStar One - Space shooter very similar to Freelancer

    - Everspace - Very similar gameplay & graphics to Freelancer (made by Galaxy On Fire team)

    Similar Games

    - Eve Online - Massive online multiplayer space shooter similar to Freelancer

    - Galaxy On Fire Series - Space shooter similar to Freelancer

    - Rebel Galaxy - Space shooter similar to Freelancer

    - Starpoint Gemini Series - Space shooter similar to Freelancer

    - SpaceForce: Rogue Universe - Space shooter similar to Freelancer

    - Zigfrak - Space shooter similar to Freelancer

    Sort of Similar Games

    - Elite Series - The original space combat & exploration series that inspired them all!

    - Starflight Series - If Freelancer was a top down 2D game with planetary mining & more aliens then it would be Starflight! An awesome classic space exploration, combat & trading series.

    If you know of a game series I've missed that's very similar to Freelancer, a fan game based on Freelancer, or a large scale mod project related to Freelancer please let me know! :)

    Blake's Sanctum:

    - Total Conversion mods: Star Trek Doom 2, Quest for Glory IV-3D Hexen, & Star Wars Civilization 2
    - Game Shrines: Age of Wonders, Babylon 5 Games, Command & Conquer, Elder Scrolls, Dune Games, Final Fantasy, Freelancer , Heroes of Might & Magic, Master of Magic, Quest for Glory Series, Starflight, & Star Trek Games