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    The way around the player / npc ship problems is to script two ships eg: npc_shipname & ply_shipname.

    I left the vanilla ship as they were for npc then replicated a set for players, it is a bit of work to alter and add to files but makes life a lot easier, for instance loot_drop. Also this gives you a chance to fix up some of the issues in ship arch and add npc only ships for players like Capital and Transport ships :)

    For Missions you can edit
    DATA RandomMissions RMLootInfo.ini

    1. [RMBonusLoot]
    2. archetype = ge_s_tractor_02
    3. num_to_drop = 1
    4. faction = all
    5. difficulty_range = 40, 100
    6. weight = 5

    for normal system encounters
    DATA Missions LootProps.ini

    1. [mLootProps]
    2. nickname = special_gun15
    3. drop_properties = 25, 646965, 646965, 0, 2, 1

    edit the loadouts with the items you wish too drop at Data Ships *loadout.ini
    i think mounted stuff drops, although works as cargo
    cargo = your_item, numeric_amount

    hope this helps :)

    You rock :)
    you could make one deck like a planetscape, and use that one to enter/exit the base, then use other deck2 for equips, ships etc.. ???
    hmmz my thorn editor is bugged ><

    I did every thing right :)
    copy the launch land files for the deck .thn files from beta to scripts/bases
    edit the room files for decks with land and launch anim calls

    1. animation_oneshot = Sc_no loop

    to open the doors once

    Jeider "Use animation_oneshot instead animation."

    it all works great :)

    btw < corpse > :)

    Hi again.
    I have found some interesting animations, thanks too "Jeider" for the lead, however they keep looping is there a way to make them play once ??
    from "\DATA\Universe\Systems\Br01\Bases\Rooms" x.ini

    1. animation = Sc_no loop

    thanks for your replay.

    yeah its what i have done also looking through hook log i have noticed one of the plugins has an error that bubbles and crashes the server, i will post back here when i have finished :)

    I think this may be flhook related maybe at some server stop/restart point ..

    flhook 2.0.0 plugin with playercontrol, mine control, cargopod, cloak, condata and regarmor plugins

    any help gratefully received ty

    I have a problem finding this object in my mod

    1. dtor: Archetype 218298864 has dangling render

    can any one enlighten me as to what dtor: is referring too ?
    its maybe some thing to do with a weapon ?

    Hi Mandrake
    <corpse for nima / evo>
    Win 7 runs fl very well for me too, i find there is no need to install the game just run your old installs, for some things a few dlls have to besought for like if you are modding or running a server.
    I have installed fl on win 7 with no problems, i have run old installs from xp with no problems.
    If you have problems try this:
    copy / install freelancer dir to a drive other than your root/system drive.
    In safe mode logged in as admin change the freelancer dir permissions / take ownership (if you needed to) / add users "everybody" full control.

    i had no problems with download, or unzipping it.
    i used 7z to unpack. I installed on a HD other than my system drive.
    the installer seam to work fine and no errors were shown.
    also Data/Movies is missing

    sorry, i have been able to download the 2.0 mod, i have tryed a few times only to find i am unable to unpack the file.
    Do you have another url i can download it from ?