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    My frist models were really crappy too :P
    It's all about practice. I recently made this, which may still be low poly (and took me 3 hours with the texture) but it's fit for FL ^_^
    If all you want to do is make your own models for FL, you don't need any special skills.

    There's a glitch on win 8.1 that keeps the game running after closing it, and therefore you can't install any mods neither by using flmm nor manually.
    What you have to do is open the task manager and close the game manually each time. There's no better solution known to me yet, and if there is, I'd like to know.

    It's alright, I guess I'll be doin them myself anyway.
    I always preferred 3Ds Max. They never change their interface no matter how new the version is. They only add more useful elements. It's simple to work with, a bit glitchy sometimes but basically I find it prefect for my needs.
    You could look for an old version of Blender somewhere on the internet though.

    I mabaged to get it to work after adding the value to voices_space_male under "msg = gcs_refer_system_EW07-", changing the hash id also with the minus in the end. apparently the minus is important...
    Sorry for wasting your time, and thanks for trying to help :)

    I triple-checked it, looks fine in all means of code.
    You can check it if you want:

    Other patrols and zone populations work perfectly.

    I'll try to add adoxa's mp3 codec fix, maybe it'll work.
    EDIT: It didn't. I'll try to re-export the file from the editor.
    EDIT: That didn't work either. I have no idea what's wrong.

    3D sound is on, but if it only works when it's off then it's no use.
    Point is, I replaced sound entries in the past and it worked with 3D sound. But when I added a new one, it crashes. maybe it's about the quality?

    I added a new system, and spliced a voice entry for specific voiced that will be refering to this system.

    I added the new .wav file into the voice's .utf archive, under the hash of it's "msg_id_prefix" (gcs_refer_system_EW07; 0x83982148 ) and set a patrol to this jump hole.

    Now, whenever I enter the system in which the jump hole is located, the game crashes. FLSpit says nothing about this hash.

    Any help please?

    I use win 8.1 and it works good for me. Try running in win xp compatibility mode, and if that doesn't work then re-download the program.

    I followed the instructions in the SUR Splicer's readme, and something went wrong:

    When I exported the model, it was all normal in HardCMP:

    Then, I imported the generated .dat file to Cmpnd.Cons.Fix, and it showed only the 1st part of the model (out of 6):

    When I tried to open it with the .sur then HardCMP crashed. The trace file doesn't show anything special, it crashed after the "Assigning Textures" phase.

    Here's a rar with the components, spliced .sur and .dat, the edited and the originally exported .cmp.
    Did I do something wrong?

    Thanks for the help :)

    EDIT: Problem solved, I found a better method. Sorry for the post, you can delete it.

    Drake: I think you should base it on some engine, though it would make it less original but will definitely cut a big part of the work.
    Anyways, good luck!

    Demon: Glad to see you're active. I'm kinda done with "fun threads" at our 'other place' since some Sizer guy always finds an original way to ban me. But hey, it still gives me the funnies to see them hatin' :P
    And yeah, this time I start from the very basics of plotting and pre-planning. There's a lot of stuff I want to add.

    One day, when we make a full remake of the original Freelancer on a more advanced engine, your models will probably be used. So you have that faith ^^
    I'm currently reconstructing my other mod, GalaxyLancer, from leftovers, so basically I haven't lost it yet ;)
    If you're interested in giving a hand with the graphics, you're more than welcome.

    I came back to screw some prostitutes!

    lol jk, I thought about working again on the same old mods I'm never gonna finish, but seems like it's a pretty worthless ides. So yay to good old *EMPTY* TLR forums!

    I just saw something on Reddit, and it reminded me of the /v/lancer parody mod, so I found out there's a whole wiki of this crap and it's funny as hell :P
    /v/lancer Wiki
    (yeah it makes fun of Crossfire, sorry OP but it was damn funny)

    So yeah, I guess I'll keep having my dream of one day seeing an official Freelancer 2 made by fans who bought out the franchise, and till then I'll make my own worthless stuff that would never be competition to anything :D

    Nice seeing you guys! (Or just OP, whose gonna be the only one to read and comment)