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    I'm not sure exactly how it works, it's been a while for me too. But I'm pretttyyy sure you need to ask them if you can run the serverside mod (Unless it's open for download) I'm not sure if the client side download is the same as the one for a server operator though, so if they have a forum or way to contact them you might try asking.

    In regards to that edited post, I am giving him a chance, but I wanna see this guy banned if he screws it up again. It´s been one too many times to just let him spam this nice forum, and it´s getting on my nerves.

    *edited* Removed content - as I said in another thread, because you may not like someone doesn´t mean you can start throwing insults about (see forum rules if you aren´t sure). Edited by - Chips on 10/2/2005 9:45:52 AM

    Crowe, why didn´t you tell me you posted here lol Anyway it seems like an awsome idea, but, like he said, the stuff that can´t be done is much to complecated. (spelled it wrong, i know, I dont feel like fixing it) It´s a good idea with the bases though, however you´re going to have to probably buy a base from the admin´s themselves, yet the super market is closed, and if you have noticed, all the clans are going through a money crisis due to the war. This is why I protested the closing of the banks. Anyhoo, your ideas nice, but the clan bases have to be either invincible or very strong, because the servers gonna get very flamy and angry if they lost a 30 million credits base. All in all the idea is awsome, yet a little too advance at the moment. I think we should finish these wars up, regain lost territory and money, and refortify our clans before we add something like this, or even try to.

    The real history of Benjon: He was born in hicksville, nevada, and didn´t get a degree in anything. He´s a 12 year old boy, who many believe suffer from brain damage. He has a cronic spamming disorder, which he probably thinks is funny, however us normal people don´t agree. He is annoying, yet agreeing with the post above this one, he seems to feel so insecure he has to come back to the same site. Try something new benjon.

    That´s because the people welcomeing him back are new, and probably don´t remember his moronic ranting about how he is two different people.

    Benjon, stop refering to youself as "us" I´m waiting for him to put on a magic ring and say "my precious" over and over again. Why don´t we just ban this guy before he annoys the whole site?

    I remember this clown the first time he was here, so please stop the benjon jonben crap, it´s annoying. Too all you new to TLR this guy was one of the kings of spam lol, he was banned for it i think lol, makes me wonder why hes back.

    If any of you are familiar with the Corsairs, you should keel-haul him. Put him in a tattered space suit, hook him to a tough cable, and go through a jump hole. Slowly tears the er...umm..victim to shreads. Thank king henry the III for that one <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>