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    Sounds better than my Console.

    You should be careful editing constants. I had to fix Console, since it was possible to set cruise speed in SP, then switch to MP.

    My site has a text file containing all the vanilla names; CreateID & WhatIs can be used on mods (if you don't mind the command line).

    So, does anybody remember how you hex edit a sur to set the correct ship mass for anti spin etc.

    I told you, use SurDump and the -o option. For example:

    At hex offset 44, you'll find three floats (aka single) containing the inertia values (surs don't have mass).

    If the importer is crashing, it's probably a bad sur - create a log (or attach the sur and I'll have a look). The 1.1/1.2 exporters got it wrong (it's not type but count), which will cause the crash (it tries to read more than is present). 1.3 corrects that, but still has other issues. I'll get around to doing it properly one day.

    Spew is a plain text file, how can you not use it? In XP, you can find it at \Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Freelancer\FLSpew.txt; I think this also works in Vista/7, due to symlinks. FLSpit is just a VBScript, so if it's not working, you could always just hardcode the path into it (I expect the script is working, but it's not finding the file? change SpewFolder).

    As for why FL is not starting, that could be due to a previous save game (including the restart). Clear 'em out (within FLMM, use Tools|Open saved game folder).

    Are you using Vista/7? Did you install to Program Files? If so, you need to right-click FLModManager.exe and "Run As Administrator". Alternatively, disable UAC.