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    You don't permit discussion, but perhaps you will permit correction :D
    You claim:


    e.g.: a few weeks ago they have accused me of publishing modding tutorials at my site and replacing the credits of the original author with my name.
    What they failed to tell was that the mentioned tutorial can be found at my Forum at SWAT Portal in its original form with credits to the original author. One of the T SP members just copy/pasted it from there to Star port and removed the original credits.
    Was that done on purpose? Probably not, but it was enough reason to start throwing dirt at our Communities.

    So, some realities.
    1) At T.S.P the thread is this:
    (yeah, tinyurl to get around a censorship :D )
    I'm hoping that starts with what someone posted - a copy/paste job of something they found on Swat Portal, and attributed to Op ;)

    The tutorial on Swat Portal - posted by Op. No "credits" to author in sight...
    Beginners tutorial - Freelancer Modding Tutorials - SWAT Portal

    The actual original tutorial - by the original author.

    So - original written by me (it isn't the only one that appears in this manner :D).

    Now before anyone thinks this is about egos - it isn't. I don't care for credit - as I said in the T.S.P post, I was concerned someone appeared to be "re-writing history" by attributing someone's work to someone else...
    As I said in my post on T.S.P at the time - I fully understand the contents were simply copy/pasted from the original LancersReactor - hence why no credit appears. It was a means of preserving knowledge (or useful beginner tutorials) at a time when nothing was certain! It was important to do so (in my eyes).

    So why am I posting here? Because it is now being mis-represented and posted in a misleading manner as part of a bigger issue.
    That, in my eyes, is utterly wrong. I am here to correct that.

    So please do not make out that you have the correct credits on your forum. It is misleading, and utterly false - you do not. There is no indication either as to whom the author is, nor that it isn't you who wrote it. It is posted under your name after all... no mention of source, origin or anything else. People who read it will assume it is your work. Along with most tutorials there. Indeed, I can spot many many posts of mine - but with your name on them.

    Do I care? No. I don't care. I certainly do NOT want you to waste time editing posts to say "originally written by:"!

    But please don't mislead people in the arguments and other threads by making claims that are false about issues they bought up, and your correctness and how wrong they are ;) Mainly because what you claim is utter fabrication in order to cast a different light on circumstances. That is very wrong indeed. I would continue pointing other misleading items in your post, but I'd be here all day - then I'd be banned, and my thread usual :)

    So hopefully this isn't so bad as to be insta-removed, but taken on board!

    Thanks :)

    Oh my, T.S.P is censored :D How very mature :)

    Hehe, nice one Argh. Good to see Unity being used more (I'm not good with Unity, but am lab support for the University module which utilises Unity, ironically :D ).

    There's another project using Unity as well - a little more advanced on the rendering front.…php?topic_id=3779&forum=6

    May be of interest to you :)

    *edit* Eh auto formatting of a link... eek, try


    Howdy :D

    There's a 1.40 version which has a server (I was not involved with development, but I think they built from the 1.30 release). They seemed like really nice guys - check them out at

    Here may also have them but it's hard work searching (*edit* Searched, nope, they aren't here). I did see here also has the 1.29 Guild Evolutions (nothing to do with me, was never even told - but I believe they used 1.28 as it's base though?). My own site has 1.30 and 128.17 just for people to play with if they wish. However, I think dual thrusters may have been 1.27 and maybe 1.28 at a stretch.

    As for finding the ol SPQR guys, then all I can suggest is trying via here:…oServer/index.php?act=idx and see if you can find them via email or pm to find where they are now (if they're still playing).

    I think Fabius had an account on this forum here though, so maybe his email is still active if you can find him? They used to have a forum, but I long ago cleared out all my bookmarks :)

    Happy New Year - and if you want any help, just shout :)

    I was browsing, and noticed something strange. A thread authored by me about something I never wrote about? :lol:

    I did a quick check. Anyway, easy example:
    This thread:
    **Tutorial** : Upping the draw limit

    It appears to be missing the first post? It isn't the only one either. Could it be an error in post numbering between the two? (one starts post 1, original post 0?) or something?

    p.s Also, 4800 odd posts (about 2500 shy), 2008 registration? You've merged the users I assume, but I think it's missing things (unless you can only view 50 pages of previous posts - but Dec 2004 isn't my first post either!).

    *edit* looks like every post has this issue...

    The thread pertained to correcting an error about whom wrote it. I posted who I think is responsible. If you disagree, speak up!!

    I was also trying to say that many threads here with "author unknown" aren't necessarily author unknown - mainly as a few are taken from one huge help thread (never posted as tutorials!!), but as said, it's irrelevant as the old db will show.

    Locations of modding aren't that important. Certainly a cross pollination between LancersHQ and here (although I'd strongly disagree that LancersHQ was more active or contributory - I was there too!), but German sites? I'd think it's reasonable to assume that they had an individual development path for the most part...

    But references to your work? I do not see how those are even remotely relevant to any part of the thread :rolleyes:

    The reason the original post remained once I remembered the merger was because I couldn't see how to delete it ;) The fact this all grew out of that IS rather amusing.

    You have the dubious pleasure of being the second person I've ever met who can even list things they've "done" :lol: and some of those are tenuous at best (in my little opinion).

    It does speak volumes about personality though :rolleyes: Its amusing that you weighed into the thread and turned it into what you've done... before deciding it was now off topic. You took it off topic with your post :lol:

    Good luck with

    What concepts did you introduce Op? I'm intrigued :)
    The first "tutorials" aren't even in the tutorials forum. How to do various things was posted inside the General Editing forum from around March 1st 2003 onwards, whilst the release is posted as the 5th of March.
    From memory, the tutorials forum wasn't even created til late April 2003 ;)

    When was Freelancer released in Europe again?

    keep in mind that TLR was not the only FL community out there which has posted tutorials
    many where ported from other sites to TLR
    during that time (2003) lancersreactor was not the main FL modding community

    I think you have a misconception by what I meant. This thread has "author unknown", the authors may actually be known - and with the db, you can find whom ;)

    I am not saying (unlike some people) that modding revolves around just a few people who mysteriously appear years later. Newbie questions didn't even start until June 2003. However, I'm not getting into some sort of attempted and pathetic penis measuring contest over who, where, and when everything occurred.

    It doesn't detract from the fact that quite a few tutorials in this very forum (and not the tutorials forum now imported) are derived from other people's posts and work. Put simply, they are reposting.

    However, since you don't believe was the main modding community, and since I was a member of many communities, I look forward to reading which communit(y/ies) you think were at the forefront :) :) :)

    Names please :P

    Accushot was the first person to post how to achieve dynamic asteroid fields - back in June 2003 - the tutorial still exists here, but the method is substantially different from this one. I'd look towards Reynen Starfyre as he also utilised Dynamic Asteroids in 2005 in his mod.

    Just realised that when the db is properly imported, this should all become clear (with regards to all tutorials). It should be noted that some tutorials were actually people posting a tutorial based off of the Newbie Questions and Answers thread - so tutorial authors should be Accushot, Victor or myself in the early/mid days. In the latter days I'm afraid I didn't keep track of whom took care of that thread :D

    This is actually my original tutorial, which has been edited to reflect someone else's authorship... :roll:

    The very first tutorial was posted by Downwind Theif, whom I then posted updates within an hour to correct various aspects that he'd omitted explaining properly (following his original tutorial people would not have a working faction. They'd have a clone of a faction without any changes...), resulting in the first tutorial being of dual authorship.

    The naming of factions in missions, and also fields, nebulas, stations and linked info was also done by myself at a later point in time.

    Gregstar2k is the gentlemen who originally came up with Vertical Strafing, back in 2004 if I remember rightly. He was nearly obliterated from "FL history" due to Reynen Starfyre not giving credit, but demanding it instead. Luckily through some mediation, we had this corrected and Reynen begrudingly gave in.

    Shame if it was all for nothing though, so thought I'd mention it.

    From memory battleclinic used to have a ships/bases/systems/weapons etc database, just like TLR used to have.
    If the TLR one doesn't exist as only news / forum data was kept, then perhaps contact them and ask for a copy, or try to track down that way.
    One will exist somewhere...

    It should be possible to program an application that reads all the ini files of any mod, and the relevant DLL files, and produces a series of sql statements that would create tables with the content / stats of each base, ship, gun, planet, base, system automatically, which can be used with a sort of default php template to display the data.

    This way it would be possible to actually host, and display, information regarding every mod - as long as the mod creator wanted this.

    Now whether anyone would bother to check this information out is a very good question. It has long long long been something I considered since 2004 as giving functionality to a site beyond simply hosting a download...but I don't have time to program and test something like that (although it shouldn't take long at all).

    Just a thought.

    Feedback for the site? Glad to see that the downloads are searchable by partial names and not just full names - which is great thanks :D I like the fact the main page shows only a certain number of news posts - with my only critique being that it'd be a tad bit nicer (in my view) to have a lil indent on the text inside the main news text posts - so its not sat on the lines!

    Overall it looks fine, responsive and functional :ugeek:

    Keith - I'll see if I can spare some time to provide a few details about the odd thing when I can, but time is tight and I'd have to download them all.
    In another topic you ask about Giskard: he hasn't been on the Egosoft forum for over a year (although I don't frequent it often either), and his website is now down ( He made mods for other games, but got disheartened as he received abuse from players of the mods. Always liked him, was a huge help when I first arrived - along with Accushot, Wanderer and Victor. Lost contact with Accushot these days too - oh well, C'est la vie.

    Quote from "OP-R8R"

    a lot

    To be fair, a lot of the issues between various folks occured because of personal issues, emnities, and the incapability of either forgiving, moving on or listening; this cuts both ways. A dislike for someone does not mean that they are incapable of doing something though... which most seem to forget.

    Here's a bit of waffle:

    From personal experience, my name is one of those that has a history and association with such personal emnities - even relatively recently I've felt the lashing of tongues based upon actions I exhibited online many years ago, which took me back somewhat. I could make excuses, but my actions should be wholly independent of "triggers", so there was no excuse - so to all, I apologise for bad history.

    Based on that, I made a decision:

    The best I could do for the community is move on. More importantly, the best thing for me, is to move on.
    1) I simply don't have time due to my aspirations in my field of work;
    2) my username is intrinsically linked with dark times on previous incarnations of TLR - which I don't think some will ever forgive or forget (e.g. I imagine that some saw the username and made an assumption what the post would contain?). I've changed a lot in recent years, Harrier's passing impacted upon how to view "usernames" (as people, not abstract usernames you can joust with irrespective of their feelings)

    So Bon Voyage from me, all the best to everyone's future, and I hope TLR starts to thrive again and people may enjoy Freelancer for many years to come.

    not had fun with a Mac OS yet... had to use them. Maybe it's years of Windows history and ergo "you should have to do this to do this" that made every little detail of a Mac annoying :twisted:

    To be honest, if Linux could play all my games etc - then maybe I'd use it more.
    Oh, and whilst some features are awesome - whenever I want to find out how to do something, I generally find "open console, type )($%(*"£(*$(*(*($(**DKLFJNDFKJSD*(*%U(*" - no, it's not that I'm not trusting what they're saying to be true, just that they tell you what to write. Not what the HELL it is doing! I want to understand my commands, not blindly follow them :P With Windows/Mac's you don't have to type commands, so *knowing* how to do something matters not!
    Yes, you can learn commands - but so far I don't want to sit and start learning every command that I may never need. When I want a command though, I generally don't have time to learn it all inside out :ugeek:

    I agree with Mac's being over-priced, since my Laptop wasn't required to run games I did actually consider a Mac for laptop. However, after seeing the £200 additional cost to simply have the identical laptop in black instead of being a walking advert for Apple (piss off, not having white and being your marketing darling) then perhaps I'd have bought one. Instead, no chance :)

    Give me windows, linux and apple all together and no games to play, and then it'd be a fair test. You may ask me to consider them that way, but it's impossible... because I play games.

    So Windows, although i'd like to think it could be Linux :D

    I've started to download this, I wished to check it out a while back and now I have the chance :P

    First request if it's possible, a progress bar or notification of how things are going if possible :P
    Wasn't sure if the updater was working at first :)

    I look forward to giving this a go though ;)