Out of Money, need advise

  • When on the Breaks that Juni tells you to go make some money, why didnt you? Anyway you have the tractor to begin with, alss if your stuck on a mission that you can´t get out of i.e. the sequence starts as soon as you go to the dock etc then you will just have to go back a couple of saves or struggle through the mission.

  • I did go on mission in between Juni Breaks. The Quitane mission wiped me out. I thought I already had a tractor beam but one time when I killed a ship it left behind a Shield Battery and I Ctrl-B to beam it and nothing happened.

  • Is your tractor beam damaged? That will stop you from being able to pick up items floating in space. If you are maxed out on Shield batteries or Nanobots you can´t tractor any more in. You can´t go over the maximum amount for those items. If you only have 19 credits, and you have to go on to another scripted mission, you´re screwed. Go back to a former save game and make sure you earn some money....

  • I have played the single player game twice, and both times I made sure I was a millionaire around mission 7 or 8. This way the rest of the single player is much easier. And when I finished I leveled up very fast.

  • This is my first time at playing. I have made some bad choices. Trying to be more offensive than defensive and trying to make money to fast by taking on missions that were above me. I would stop going on missions once Juni ask me to meet her some place. I once took a mission for $10,500. I started the mssion with $29,000 but by the time I finished it and resupplied where I started before the mission, I had lost $1,000. It wasn´t worth it. I probably need to start over but I am going to try and make it now if I can.

  • Don´t use missiles, mines, torps, or counter measures. That is money launched out into space. The only time I used missiles or torps was on the Juni missions, near the end. Then anything goes. But like I said, I was a millionaire by then so it didn´t matter. My best friend is playing through the single player for the first time. He is between missions 3 and 4 I think, and he is already a millionaire. He just ignores Juni while he trades and makes money.

  • Wrecks will certainly get you money. As I posted over in Spoilers, I won SP game @ LVL 26 with .5mil by funding myself (almost) exclusively with wrecks. No missions or cargo, just Wrecks. Don´t buy missiles or CDs; I´m still undecided if Torps are worth it. CMs are good tho. Lots of ships ´donated´ drone mines to me, I never needed to buy any. <img src=smilies/icon_smile_wink.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> &quot;Got anything for me?&quot; - Trent, A.K.A. ´Mr. Eloquent´

  • Tonckawa, you really should review your fighting style and work on your skills a bit. There are nice tips &amp; discussions in this forum, and on the Micro$oft Freelancer website there is a link to articles that give a good overview as well as really good tips from the game designers. The most important skill for you to work on is evading enemy fire. In general, shield batteries and nanobots are for correcting grave mistakes or simple bad luck (like getting rammed from the side or from behind during a battle), and you should be able to fight up to four computer enemies that are roughly your size by relying only on your guns and shields, without using any consumables like nanos/batts, missiles, flares, mines and so on. That is the basic skill level you need to start really enjoying the missions; otherwise it might become more frustrating than challenging.

  • It´s probably a good time to go on a few cargo runs. If you see the &quot;meet Juni at the bar at so &amp; so&quot; message, just ignore it. Maybe sell some nanobots or a gun to get cash to buy some commodity and build your acct. back up. You might just want to get back to an easier system like Bretonia. There are some profitable, short cargo runs possible there. I got the &quot;meet Juni&quot; message early at one point in the game and I embarked on a grand tour for cargo that went through Kusari space clear to the Chuguko system. After I made about $100,000 I finally went back to where Juni was. There is no penalty for ignoring her, besides not going to a higher level. It´s a great way to scout some hidden bases and get good weapons/shields.

  • start trading stuff once you got some money. It´s the best way to make money. You can either explore or thry the spoiler forum for the best trade runs. also, buy a freighter. Until you meet this Japanese agent in Kusari, you don´t really need a powerful ship. it´s ok to buy a freighter, makes lots of money, sell it off, and buy a good ship.

    My Eagle has 300 forward firing turrets and 200 rear firing turrets I have infinite amount of energy and insane level of shielding. I can take out a battle ship in a single pass. But hey, I`m a bad pilot, I can`t even hit a planet...

  • run engine parts to mactan base. makes you a fortune. Also, look at the hidden wrecks on this forum. There is money in those as well. A third option is to find a pirate base (junkers do nicely) or a jumphole, and loiter around, killing every baddie you meet. Kill &quot;trains&quot; that carry valuable goods. Go to liberty, and since they hate you anyway, declare JIHAD. I recommend the jumpgate areas with a drone or dromedary for this kind of endeavor.

  • Hmmm 5$ is the cost of Scrap metal in some places. Here is what you CAN do if you want to go from poor to millionare in a few seconds (God if it was that easy in real life 8) ) Allright you need hacker 2.0 http://vgstrategies.about.com/…%2F%2Fwww.wadesoft.com%2F then fire up Freelancer load your save. Select search 4 bytes address and enter your cash reserves as values. Press search and let it complete. After that go into the game, sell something at a base and not the new cash reserves. Then ALT-TAB back out and rescan the new value. Voila, you should now see 2 values having your money sum on them. Edit them to your new wanted amount, yes you have to modefy both else there will be no effect. Then lock them if you want and go back into the game and purchase back what you sold, you should now have enough money to buy the entire universe if you wish. Just remember there is a limit on 4 byte addresses so don´t go crazy. That was the cheaty way, if you desperatly wants it. You can start by shipping scrap metal in New York area, it is cheap around there that should give you cash to grow on. Edited by - Sweeper on 04-06-2003 10:32:58

  • Thanks for all the great advise. I have started the game over. I currently have a StarTracker and have over 100 kills. Just finshed up the Sean Ashcroft mission. I use different fighting tactics now and I BEAM the fighters right after killing them. Get some pretty good weapons that way to sell. Out of all the battles so far, had to replace shield batteries only once. New tactics work pretty good. I am having trouble finding jump holes and wrecks. I cannot get out of Liberty yet using Jump Gates and as I search for wrecks, I get jumped time after time. I will kill off one group and not 2 minutes later, I will get jumped again. I don´t get time to search and give up. Does any know where I can find detailed location map of jump holes and wrecks? I have see the information about where the wrecks are at in a section of space but like I said, I get jumped constantly. Thanks, Tonckawa

  • Tonckawa, Download LancerThing 1.07 on this web site. It´s great. If you want to wreck salvage, first go over to Detroit Munitions and kill Zenos. Lots of Zenos. Not on missions, just on your own. Soon you will see Rogues go neutral. &quot;Got anything for me?&quot; - Trent, A.K.A. ´Mr. Eloquent´

  • Frobozz, LancerThing is perfect. I will be traveling to the Detroit Munitions soon. I´m in California right now trying to make some money (not much) there. Thanks a million. Tonckawa

  • If you are truly desperate for money and you have a lot of nanos (or batts, if you´re nuts) then you can sell them for a good price. Recommend selling the nanos first, since the shields are what takes the brunt of any attack. (This site is best viewed with your eyes open)

  • If you´re stuck in Liberty and can´t use the jump holes, there´s a fast trade route from Ft.Bush to Pittsburgh that can make a lot of money fast. Get pharmaceuticals at Ft. Bush($111) and sell at Pittsburgh($144), then get Boron at Pitt.($120) and sell at Ft. Bush($144). You´ll make $4560 per round trip in a Rhino.