IONCROSS Freelancer character editor unable to run

  • I have recently downloaded and tried to install, "IONCROSS Freelancer character editor", and for some reason when I run it it will not load and just gives an error message. I will attach a screen shot later as I am on a different computer at the moment.

    I have tried to uninstall the Visual Basic files and reinstalling them, but it will still not run. I have got it all set to compatibility for Windows XP SP3 as I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

    Any solutions would be wonderful! :)



  • haya m8,

    I had a similar problem after upgrading from Vista to W7, I've discovered what we needed to do...

    1)DEACTIVATE MODS (just for first load)

    2)Install the VB runtime files as ADMIN!!! (This is what we didn't do on your laptop)


    4)it works and the app doesn't require admin rights.

    p.s. to anyone else on here - I know this guy, he might be extreamly lazy, but hes a nice guy....

  • ah ok Matt, well next time you are round we will sort it out lol....

    P.s oh shush, I know im not having internet access 24/7 isn't exactly brilliant is it Matt.... :P

  • Hi,
    Just read your post. I have been running most of my gaming on my Vista laptop so I had to install the program on my Win7 laptop to see your problem. I did not have any VBRun problems, so I will have to guess it is some other problem.

    One differance between Vista and Win7 is the way (or place) games get saved. Character Editer will be looking in;

    C:\Users\ (your user name) \Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts\SinglePlayer. If these are differant you will get an error opening the program. One other thing you can try is to open the IonCross menu and right-click the IonCross program and choose run as administrator. This will usually cure 90% of the problems opening programs on Win7 AND Vista. You can also right-click and choose properties and in the compatability tab click the "Run the program as an administrator" box. I do not believe the WinXP compatability is necessary, it runs straight-out on my Win7 machine.

    One other thing, sometimes antivirus software will interfere in the running of a program. So what I do is tell it to view the program as an installer. This may or may not be related to your problem.