What part of game you like most?

  • What part of the game you like the most? 12

    1. Buying better ships/equipment (6) 50%
    2. Exploring unknown or secret areas (5) 42%
    3. Being a pirate or smuggler (5) 42%
    4. Cooperative missions with other players (4) 33%
    5. Trading across the universe (3) 25%
    6. Player versus player (PvP) battles (2) 17%
    7. Hunting nomads in unknown systems (1) 8%
    8. Solo missions against NPCs (1) 8%

    I'm just interested, what gets you excited when playing? Feel free to write your own ideas.

  • What I like in this game is that with the streaming of time, it eventually became a MMO game, and only lately a new wave of SP missions mods started. I mean, most mods have only multiplayer. Only recently still a very few mods have brand new SP missions (most famouse is Crossfire 1.9). I develop an SP-only mod myself with new missions.