Plasmafire Reborn download failing repeatedly

  • Hi :) I'm a long-time guest a Lancer's Reactor, recently joined as a member.

    I've been trying to download the Plasmafire Reborn Mod, but the download keeps breaking.
    I've tried downloading it at different speeds from different machines, but I am not able to complete the entire download.

    As I understand it, Lancer's Reactor or Swat-Portal do not support resume of broken downloads.
    Can anyone suggest a different location or source from which I can download this Mod and play it?

    Thanks in advance!

  • For some reason, it's just not working at my end. Maybe my ISP?

    I tried a half-dozen times, and got from 30MB to 160MB, but no completion.

    I feel bad that I'm just wasting the site's bandwidth without getting the software.

    I wish there was a resume option ..