Hunting for old Freelancers from Asgard Evolved

  • Hey everyone, haven't played freelancer in probably 11 years. But I got a wild hair and decided to check it out. I'm ordering a new copy of the game and it should be coming in soon.

    Now the question: are there any players still on from back in the day of "asgard evolved"

    I used to know some of the guys that ran the server. They are registered here as Sledge and Silent Jay. Some other players were SpAz, Zues and some others I can't quite remember. Just curious if anyone remembers the server or the community and what has happened to any of them. Hope this board is still alive!

  • Yeah I know the servers been down a while and it's probably been like 10+ years since I've heard from most people that were there, I was just checking to see if maybe any of the members were still kicking around here, playing other servers or something.