Seeking the High Rez Textrue mod

  • Hello all, it has been years since i visited and many changes have come for me. I first came as a gamer and one who enjoyed space sims and found Freelancer in the process of searching for what existed then which was over 10 years ago now, more probably. I enjoyed starting Freelancer but didnt get that far with work coming in the way. and then health.

    I also collected other games like Taychon, the Wing Commander Series, the Star Wars space games and so forth but have always wanted to come back to enjoy and fnish the first play thru of Freelancer.

    I have it set up on my XP syste, i tried on my Win 8.1 but cant get NET 3.5 to install and on Windows 10 on my newest system but it wont start at all there.

    i heard there was a legitimate mod that addes high rez textures....if this is true, can anyone point me to it?

    i ahve a ton of mods saved up from years and eyars ago but they are in storage and i am eager to get to play. Just a glimpse of the wonderful intro movies realy brought back memroies.

    I have since that start gone on into computer game development myself a nd now make high rez assets for a number of sims, and also do project lead work for various games of a number of i am doubly interested in seeing again what Freelancer has to give us.

    thanks in adavance for help.

    Carn Astrael (my game name)
    CrisGer forum name

  • Ah ha, yes indeed that is the one thank you very much.

    was just able to get Freespace to run on my new Win 10 machine with a big screen it will be a joy to start over for the New Year, and enjoy it all ..

    thank you for that link and the mod. Got it installed with the Mod manager successfully thanks again for the link and reply SWAT-OP.ROR

    Carn Astrael (CrisGer)