Worlds of Freelancer Tour

  • 5 years ago I created a video series for my Freelancer Tribute Site of all the cool landing sequences, pads, bars and shops on Freelancers planets and some of the ships/stations. I always loved exploring all the worlds and visiting all the space bars to read the news.. almost more than playing the actual game haha. It was so immersive.

    I was mucking around with a few mods and fell in love with a darkened ENB mod (regular ENB mods just made everything too bright and foggy) that enhanced all light sources while darkening other stuff to create some really moody lighting and atmosphere. I also used an HD texture mod although I think there are better ones around these days. I used my graphics card at the time to force some anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering too.

    At some point I hope to do a video of some of the fan made mod worlds as I've seen some pretty cool ones in Crossfire. Does Discovery have any cool and different to vanilla worlds too?

    Been meaning to post these here for ages but kept forgetting.. some may not like it but if you're someone who does then enjoy! :)

    (Note: I deliberately brightened the video thumbnails as they looked awful against the default youtube white background so don't judge the videos by them, hit play to see how they really look lol)

    Part 1 Liberty

    Part 2 Bretonia

    Part 3 Kusari

    Part 4 Rheinland

    Part 5 Hispania, Neutral, Pirate & Unknown

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