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Tuesday, June 24th 2008, 10:09pm

Topfreelancers 24/7 RP Server 24/7 RP Server

The TopFreelancers Server is one of the premier Role Play Freelancer servers available. We found the standard Freelancer game even with static modding was still severely limited to provide a true Role Play environment. Here at TFL we have worked for many months developing a way to expand the role play atmosphere from the forums into the game itself by means of a specific menu of elements as detailed below;

We here at TFL pride ourselves in our outstanding sense of community. TopFreelancers see TFL as a second home and the great players and admin as their second family. Our players are more than happy to assist each other or talk to each other with problems both in-game and in real life. Experiencing TFL is experiencing the gaining of friends and family that you'll never forget. All new players to the server are met with a friendly greeting and invited into our community with open arms. We are more than happy to show you the ropes and get you set-up and on your way to enjoy the TFL experience.

Mod. TFL Parallel Universe -Also known as the TFL Mod 1.44

  • Player chooses starting faction which sets starting location and character. Over 20 New systems, including custom Guard/Clan systems.
  • Star Trek and Star wars systems with custom AI.
  • New custom AI factions for clan systems.
  • All ships rebalanced.
  • Over 20 new custom player flyable ships.
  • Custom Bases, Planets and Suns.
  • All story systems open with new bases.
  • Improved Arena system New TFL System with Benny's Bar and Roo's Coffee shop amongst other features.
  • New Commodities and trade route's.
  • New look for menu's and Hud.
  • Hud now displays true cruise speed.

All credits all posted on the TFL Main page, forums and 'readme' file of the Mod.

Role Play.
TopFreelancers is a 100% role play server. You can live the rough life of a pirate and earn a living jumping traders and stealing their loot for profit and constantly be that thorn in the naves side.

You can experience the adventurous life of a trader and pilot your train down dangerous, yet profitable, routes to sell your goods. Join the ranks of one of the navy's fighting to protect the interests of your House and maintaining the order and civility. You can enter the life of business and greed and contract your services out to the highest bidder or join a contractor clan. Or you can join up with the grand protectorate of the universal law and join the Police in maintaining order and fighting crime throughout Sirius. Your imagination is the limit.

Tournaments and Events.
The players at the TopFreelancers Server pride themselves in being the best while upholding the highest standards in sportsmanship. The TFL Tournaments feature 20 different tournament formats with more to be added in the future. The current tournament formats are Player vs. Player and Team vs. Team.

We also offer a Non-Modded Ship and No Special weaponry tournament. An event just for Clans has also been added. Events held to date include the Discovery Battlestar Galactica Shootout, Star Wars, Borg Invasion and the Unknown Alien Events. Many more are planned.

Do you have what it takes to play against the best?

The TFL Ventrilo server is a 32-user server hosted by Ventrilo can be used by clans and all players to organize online and in-game strategy and just general voice-chat. It is the best voice communication software available and the clearest allowing clans and all players to discuss strategy and tactics in real-time for a more productive and exciting online gaming experience.

This is a RATED-G & Family Friendly Environment. No cursing or swearing. Please be considerate to other players. If you are banned in the TFL Ventrilo Server, you will also be banned from the TFL Game Server.

Time, Dedication and Patience.
TFL itself was started by our Server Operator, TFL Mike back in March 2004. Before this he was the Server Operator for A1 Freelancers. The current Admin Team alone bring in total, 10 years experience as Admins and over 20 combined years of Freelancer experience. This is one of the reasons why 3 years later TFL is still going strong, and will not be going anywhere soon.

Are you ready? Are you ready to take the dive and enter the TFL universe? Does intense role play and a great community light that internal fire for adventure within? If so, visit our highly active forums at

We hope to see you soon!
TopFreelancers community.




Tuesday, July 1st 2008, 8:37pm

Re: Topfreelancers 24/7 RP Server

The Sirius Tournament League!

In the year 607 A.S., a group of well-known Bretonian bureaucrats led by Lord Vincent Bradley founded an organization known then as the Bretonian Tournament League or BTL. The purpose of the League was for pilots from all the corners of the Bretonian Empire to compete in various combat sports. Its higher meaning was to provide something that the Bretonian people to come together and unite on.

The Torunaments were highly successful, every year well known Bretonians competed in fighter to fighter action and the League gained great popularity. It became known even outside the Empire and drew the interest of major aces like the Rheinlander Baron Von Henler, Kusari's Yatsu Myoko, Kurt Norman from Liberty, and Jett Kiser from the Edge Worlds.

However, the BTL prohibited the participation of anyone save Bretonian natives. From the year 743 on, countless discussions ensued on whether to allow outsiders into the Tournament League.

People all around were crying for non-Bretonians to be allowed to compete. The committee than running the organization met and decided to reform the Tournament League into an interstellar competition allowing anyone, House citizen or Edge Worlder to participate. This took several years however to be put into action.

On March 6th of the year (807 A.S.) Chairman Victor King spoke to the press:

"Greetings Citizens of Sirius!

Today is the 200th Anniversary of the Bretonian Tournament Legaue and the last day of its existance!

I come to you today to announce a new beginning for the Tournaments. This season will witness the reforming of the BTL into a new Interstellar competition in which ALL peoples of Sirius, whether House citizen or no may come and show their talents in fair sportsmanship against one another!

Welcome to the Sirius Tournament League!"

Week 1- Begins July 6 2008
Sunday, July 6 2008, 15:00 US Central Time (21:00 GMT)
  • Spike Event- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”
  • Unknown Alien Battle- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”
  • Possible Free For All (No Bats/Bots)

Friday, July 11, 2008, 12:00 US Central Time (18:00 GMT)
  • Spike Event- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”

Week 2- Begins July 13 2008
Sunday, July 13 2008, 15:00 US Central Time (21:00 GMT)
  • Spike Event- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”
  • 1 vs. 1 Singles (No bats/No bots)
  • Possible Unknown Alien Battle- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”

Friday, July 18 2008, 12:00 US Central Time (18:00 GMT)
  • Spike Event- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”
  • Possible Unknown Alien Battle- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”

Week 3- Begins July 20 2008
Sunday, July 20 2008, 15:00 US Central Time (21:00 GMT)
  • 2 vs. 2 (No bats/No bots)
  • Commodity Pickup- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”

Friday, July 25 2008, 12:00 US Central Time (18:00 GMT)
  • Spike Event- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”
  • Possible Commodity Pickup- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”

Week 4- Begins July 27 2008
Sunday, July 27 2008, 15:00 US Central Time (21:00 GMT)
  • 2 vs. 2 Scrap Teams- Teams chosen by Judge’s (No Bats/No Bots)
  • Sirius Tag Relay- Option 1- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”

Friday, August 1 2008, 12:00 US Central Time (18:00 GMT)
  • Sirius Tag Relay- Option 2- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”
  • Possible Guns Only 1 vs. 1 (No Bats/No Bots)Spike Event- Rules Announced in “Event Rules and Formats”

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