• Hi guys,

    i was wondering if anyone has any clue about how to get FLAC. I wanna put it on our server. I registered as requested on eagle utopia and sended them an email with all required infos a while ago, but noone even bothers to answer.

    I wonder if Eagle is still there at all, since most of the posts on that forum are a few years old.
    Im not sure but im under the impression that some members from this place here might be also members of the FLAC stuff.

    I would really appreciate, if i could get that application.
    Any ideas?

  • A FLAC license costs 40 USD. They won't simply 'give it' to you like that without having nothing in return. I would say that using FLHook is the right choice here.

  • Yes, FLAC costs $40. It is difficult to get hold of and you have done the right thing by going to the Eagle Utopia forum. The posts on there are newer than you think as the FLAC section is hidden. FLAC does things FLHook can't, that said, Hook is your only option these days due to Eagle basically giving up on FL. I have FLAC but it's no use sharing it as it can only be used on one PC.

  • oh they giving it up? They can drop a copy for me then... ;-)

    I know Flac can do things FLHook cant, but u seem to be right, thats what i might have to use for now.
    I expected at least an answer to my mail, telling me its costly and such, but no response at all.
    I prolly even would pay for it.

    Thx anyways Gibbon