New name and description for new weapon

  • I already found tutorials to make new weapons and it works well.

    But how can I define a new name for the new weapon and adjust the weapon statistics for damage, velocity, ...?

    Would be very nice if this could be correctly shown when I buy the new weapon.

  • download fldev
    Files - Freelancer Developer - Starport Freelancer Forge

    this will allow you to add new ids
    ids_name = *****
    ids_info = *****
    that are the lines in the inis refering to the descriptions

    inside the "weapon_equip.ini" you can edit the stats

    damage is done via "hull_damage = " and "energy_damage = "
    "muzzle_velocity" is the projectile speed
    together with "lifetime" you can set the range
    "refire_delay = " obviously is how many times a weapon fires per second