How to play Microsoft Freelancer online

  • The Microsoft supported freelancer server list server has been down for quite some time. There are several simple
    solutions to be able to access a replacement server list.

    The most simple method is to open c:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE\Freelancer.ini and change the list server entrys to work with the new list server.

    Original version

    1. [ListServer]
    2. ;;;hostname = localhost ;Your local machine
    3. ;;;hostname = ;GUN server in Austin
    4. ;;;hostname = ;GUN server in Redmond
    5. hostname = ;GUN server in Redmond (DNS entry)

    Working version

    1. ;;;hostname = localhost ;Your local machine
    2. ;;;hostname = ;GUN server in Austin
    3. ;;;hostname = ;GUN server in Redmond
    4. ;;;hostname = ;GUN server in Redmond (DNS entry)
    5. hostname = ;new working list server
  • When I went into the EXE file and went to change the [Listserver] and made the changes just fine, but when I clicked the save button, it said that I was denied access to save in the file AND the folder. Can you help me?

  • You're probably running Vista/Win 7 - right?

    Either way, the win program files directory is protected.

    • Go to the dir (/exe or /freelancer above it)
    • Right click it
    • Choose Properties
    • Click the Security tab
    • Choose Edit (win7/vista)
    • Give full control too all (click the in turn and click the Full control checkbox)
    • Ok that (back to the Security tab)
    • In the General tab (left most), de-tick Read-only
    • Click OK to exit the Properties window

    Similar problem with other folders (the Mod-foder of the Freelancer Mod Manager for example) - same procedure.

    Hope this helps.

  • Sorry it took me forever to reply. Yeah, it worked. Thanks. Just in case you might know, how do i change the priority level of something on my computer? When I try to change the priority level of some program, it tells me that I don't have authorization to change the priority level of it. Can you help me?