Olde tyme Reunion!

  • Something Ss once posted <font size=1 face="trebuchet ms"><BLOCKQUOTE><hr size=1 noshade>Sir Spectre giving the Spammysburg Address on 5/13/2004 22:21 PST: 12 posts and 2 days ago, we brought forth on this forum a new direction, conceived in spam and dedicated to the preposition that all posts are created useless. Now we are engaged in a great civil disobedience testing whether that thread or any thread so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. We are met on a great forum of that nonsense. We have come to dedicate a portion of that forum as a final resting-place for those topics that gave of their importance that spam might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this ... blah blah blah, spam spam spam. <hr size=1 noshade></BLOCKQUOTE></font><font face=´trebuchet ms, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica´ size=2> Still trying to find his other works. <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

  • If this works, it´ll mean that I found my old account =D *test test* My my, 3 pages already? Heh <b>Your posts are <i>SPAM </i>. My posts are <i>WISDOM SPEECHES </i>. </b>

  • have a lovely time in Noo Dworkia, Swiss! I´m going to call ahead and tell Homeland Security you´re a menace! <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> (Druid = Swiss, as in Swiss Drui. long story. But he does have this tendency to compare things to making love to beautiful women...)

    "for once, i`ll actually tell you what i was thinking; but maybe i won`t have anything to say.."

  • @esq: ill take that offer, esq! (email in the profile, just drom the ´SPAMMERSDIE´ bit) Yes, i do miss the good old sir spectre, i wonder where the good old playwright has gotton himself off to...

    ---- Call me Arania Humans Fear what they do not understand. And i doubt you understand me. Never say `Eat Me` to a giant snake. Bad idea, believe me...

  • @Taw; Plans are being brewed for the capitalistic vampires to meet. I´ll just approach anybody who looks stranded on a traffic island wearing Hush Puppies and a cheap brown suit and introduce meslef. I do have a few issues which will need tending too b

  • Arania - I´ll just post it here (see below) <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>. Druid - Ah! So you´re one of those rabbit-eating Tawakalnists as well, are ye? And just when I thought that you couldn´t sink any lower *shakes head sadly* <img src=smilies/icon_smile_big.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>. <font size=1 face="trebuchet ms"><BLOCKQUOTE><hr size=1 noshade>Sir Spectre wrote: -------------------- I´ve been perusing the threads of the ancients. I looked back over the whole last year of threads on this Off-Topic forum. And I can come to several conclusions: 1. Some posters are not missed. 2. Some posters will be missed. 3. Zeratural apparently was missing, shot, returned, then went missing again and remained so for some time and has returned, disappeared, reappeared and is declared to be alive until his next pending disappearence. 4. Mindless/General topics get repeated 5 or more times. 5. Jokes/Stories have generally been heard elsewhere by most readers. 6. Links to other sites are, for the most part, dead. 7. The moderators use to have a lot more to say. 8. Popular Sci/Fi &amp; Fantasy films often get repeated 4 or more times. 9. Links to Outwar are stupid. 10. At this rate, the number of stickies first in the thread list will take up an entire screen in 12-15 years. 11. The longer your username, the more likely your thread will be locked. (ie: lord of sunsystem &amp; DEATH AT THE DOOR) 12. The likelyhood of your thread being locked increases 20% if you have the word &quot;sig&quot; or &quot;signature&quot; in it. 13. What you may think a poster is like will be altered dramatically when you see an actual picture of him or her. 14. There are too many modern day products/movies/games that start or end with an &quot;x&quot;. 15. Everybody has a birthday. (Gee, imagine that! ) 16. Most of the Privateer conversationalists have moved to other galaxies. 17. Pleasingly, there are relatively few discussions on Star Trek. 18. Server Error 404 has been linked to at least thrice. 19. Amazingly, for the number of males this forum has, the topic of women appears less than 1% of the time. 20. Posters are as affected by fads as anyone else, certain types of topics will appear more often for a time until a new topic has taken precedent in the interest of the posters. 21. Every so often, someone has to take a poll of preference between food products. 22. The majority of our time is spent posting about things that annoy us and reading what annoys others; which is annoying. 23. Reaching the rank of Fleet Admiral is NOT an admirable achievement, just an admiral achievement. 24. About 6% of the topics are unintelligible. 25. Stinger is slightly obsessed with post and user counts. 26. There is a 75% chance in threads, with 10 posts or more, that there is at least one example of bold type. 27. Very few people read or think about signatures as they are probably too often over used. 28. If you dig up old threads, you dig up old posters. 29. Forums are a microcosm of human endeavor, where evolutional societal traits can be witnessed over a short period of time. 30. The crime of thread hijacking &amp; piracy does not have a sentence of capital punishment (unfortunately). 31. Those with at least some technical knowledge will often discuss such related topics to excruciating detail. 32. Strangely, of the 1% of posts about women, CG &amp; hand drawn women get lengthier discussions than real women without wandering from the topic. 33. Topics with even minimal relevance to all will have a post by almost everyone at least once. 34. Some of the most useless topics go on for weeks sometimes months, while other more useful threads die off within the week. 35. Perception of what is useless and useful is unique to all of us. 36. One can threaten cannibalism on an internet forum, but one cannot make good on those threats. 37. If not for the efforts of a small few, the forums would be utterly lifeless. 38. Every generation of posters has their own forum jester unique to them. 39. There is never a moderator around when you need him to deal with a rampant poster. 40. It is not the length of time, but the quality of the time spent that matters most! 41. When an elder poster returns it is customary for current posters to say &quot;You were gone?&quot; And recent newbies will respond &quot;Welcome back. Who are you?&quot; 42. The answer to life, the universe &amp; everything. But what is the question? (See error 404) 43. One can wager with great certainty that a topic will be lamentable when the first post starts off &quot;This´ll probably get locked,&quot; and the subject of the post is unintelligible. 44. Edits are a way to take back words you regretted posting, but a straightforward poster suffers silently from mispellings. 45. Strange sounds threads are more stupid than links to Outwar. 46. Typically in a 30 day period there is an average of 30 locked threads, any more than that signifies a spamfest. 47. To exaggerate his ever-presence and ubiquitousness, if you repeat &quot;Fear Factor&quot; 5 times he will appear to menace the thread with his click! 48. A diverse multitude hailing from around the world visit the forum and not everyone has English as their native language. 49. At times of extreme posting &amp; spamming, confusion can set in, where a reply to whom it was meant and what thread it was meant to be in is more likely to be inadvertantly misdirected. 50. Poster frequency can be measured in a bell curve; in the beginning with a few posts of moderate size then growing until a point where interest wanes and it decreases until one returns in single sentence intervals every once in a while <hr size=1 noshade></BLOCKQUOTE></font><font face=´trebuchet ms, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica´ size=2>

  • Esq; Id can <i>always </i> sink lower!<img src=smilies/icon_smile_wink.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> I believe young wolfy once waxed lyrical about that list. Some very astute observations indeed. Due to 48 I suffer from 44. English might be my first spoken language but I find the sentences structure is ass about face ´caues I think As Gailge.<img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

  • Ahhhh Sir Spectre, one of the most intelligent chaps ive met on this board, and also one of the very few dissidential people during the Utopia wars.. wish he were here, we could do with some new Observations

  • he´s still around, I´ve caught up with him from time to time. I wonder if he´s still got that fonkenhausen wireless network? be nice if he just said *hello* every now and then! there´s still quite a few fallen by the wayside. where, for example, is Chet? Darkstone? maswastage? GLE i´ve seeen recently, and Saiyan drops in every few months for about a day, Chandrasekhar Limit I haven´t seen for aaaages, oh there are so many. where the devil is Boscoe? Tach? you do realise that we´ve been spamming up these forums for nearly 3 years now? that´s a LOT of spam. I think Wolfy was about 6 when we started - at least we don´t need Willy Spectrespear´s translation services anymore <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

    "for once, i`ll actually tell you what i was thinking; but maybe i won`t have anything to say.."

  • Yes. It has taken many years, but we have finally taught the little fella how to speaka da Engleesh <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>.

  • Yes, I miss those Gents. I am very glad to see those that have come back though. My interest in the forums has already increased. I don´t just check it first thing in the morning anymore. &quot;On this ship you are to refer to me as Idiot, not you Captain. I mean... you know what I mean.&quot;

    Ahh... marriage. Love it!!! Just now a year and I look forward to those to come.

  • was looking for an old thread today - and stumbled about <b> Heltak </b>. Long time we did not hear from him. By the way: I was looking for some kind of speedrun one of the TLR-members described in a lot of details. As far I remember he did all the campaign (vanilla) in about 4.5 hours. If somebody remembers his name (or the thread) please post

  • Heltak was/is one of the few permanently banned members. Let´s just say that some of his disruptive behaviour made even me look calm and placid. Heltak offended just about everyone he came into contact with, including me (although i always had a soft spot for him and he could occassionally be remarkably perceptive and humourous) Unfortunately, while *certain* rules can be ignored or bent with no great harm, Heltak just couldn´t stick to any rules and persisted in offending people, using bad language, discussing inappropriate topics, and in the end left the admins no choice but to ban him. A decision at he time I didn´t agree with but in retrospect was probably the right one, I wasn´t previously aware of just how many people Heltak had wound up.

    "for once, i`ll actually tell you what i was thinking; but maybe i won`t have anything to say.."

  • He p*ssed me off a fair old bit (he went out of his way to annoy on me on MSN), but I have to admit he could be damn funny. He just had this tendency to try to give his point of view with a sledgehammer and if you disagreed he got a bigger hammer and started making personal insults. If that didn´t work he´d disappear into some role-playing world of his and harp on about wizards and dragons. EDIT: I do miss maswastage and Chetnik though, and where´s Jagged, that rabbit worshipper? Edited by - Recusant on 9/20/2005 10:04:39 AM *language!* Edited by - Tawakalna (Reloaded) on 9/22/2005 11:45:11 AM

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  • He had more then just the mods/admins mad at him. He had that personality to where if he didn´t make at least 5 people a day angry at him he couldn´t go to sleep. I personally thought it was for the best at the time even though many disagreed. As Taw said he is on a very short list of people that are &quot;Permanently Banned&quot; fro TLR. Matt

  • did that lord of sunsystem guy get perma-banned? or did he just shut himself up?

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