Freelancer Battle for Orion Mod

  • Hay guys just thought id post the first story line to my new mod. This is the first time iv done a video so please be kind lol. Im looking for a ship designer if anyone would like to help out. im ok with the programing which i can learn prity quick but as for graphics its not one of my strong points so if anyone would like to have some of their work in this mod please leave a message on here. cheers hope you all like the intro.

  • yeah its a total conversion mod im working on. using freelancer as the game engine and since all of the files are freelancer this is the best place to get help. thanks for the tip about the graphics

  • Its good and stuff but theres one problem: Its not Freelancer.

    Why does every mod have to be about the Freelancer universe? After eight years personally i'm sick of the sight of the place. The FL engine is perfectly capable of doing a scenario anywhere imagination can take you, it's all down to the developer of the mod or team making it. I applaud any TC mod as it's a lot of work to finish it, i should know as i've been making mine for years lol

  • I didn't mean the mod's concept, I meant the scenes in the trailer. I'd recognize Freelancer even under the deepest TC.

    I have nothing against TCMs. In matter of fact, I like getting out of the usual Freelancer concept, keeping the original features with a wholly different look and story.

    spuder : What is the TC based on? I don't know any "Battle for Orion" except for Stargate.

  • its completely made up. taking my time with it and having a go at making my own storyline. thats why i need ships as all of the freelancer ones have got to go. iv taken the easy route to by changing the info and ids in the orig dll files to prevent crashes and me having to search for the issue lol. just taking it one step at a time.

    The basic storyline is that humans have gone looking for a new planet like earth as most of our usable resources are gone. 20 light years away from earth we stumble upon a planet younger than earth rich in resources e.g. orion. not long after colonising orion we encounter new races. Dark orbs: an intelligent race with advanced technological brains, Droids: form of cyborg that consumes all planets and resources, has a hate for all other races's and will stop at nothing until they are to only race alive. and up to now thats as far as iv got. im just leaning alittle 3d graphics making a basic company intro to replace the ms one

  • @ PB

    That's fair enough, i was under the impression you meant concept and not the video.

    @ spuder

    You have a couple of options regarding models. Firstly, you make your own and impress the hell out of everyone with your amazing talent and texturing skills. Secondly, do what myself and hoards of others do, partly due to lack of skill in the 3D modelling department or sheer laziness, trawl around the web for free 3D models preferably with textures that you can use for your mod. I've come across some awesome models like this which is why i've released as many ship packs as i have. It's amazing what you can find. Handy tip regarding your project, take your time, get it right, if you get stuck, ask for help. Plenty of old hands around to offer assistance :)

  • As a main developer of a mod, I can say that if you do the whole mod alone, you won't have time for everything at once, so it will be fine to use not original models (e.g. ship packs, TurboSquid's models, importing from older games, Etc...) I do it like that: I try to find models that fit my needs, and if I don't I make something new. If you can't find anything good, try to find a good tutorial for modeling.
    Since its a TC, you could use some of the Vanilla models and retexture them using Milkshape CMP importer.

  • i get most of my tutorials from youtube when doing 3d modeling im just not brill at it. Using 3ds max and cinema 4D then importing them into milkshape to finish off the freelancer part. still learning atm though. As its my own storyline I wanted the ships to be orig to the game. each with its own info relating to the race e.g. the droids are a cyborg race so there ships are going to be more technical and the dark orbs more advanced in every area due to their scientific advances. humans are in the middle with a current look to their basic ships. I dont mind it taking years. I bought freelancer 10 years ago and its still around so a few more years wont hurt lol. I have no plans to release the mod in the near future as it will have to under go major testing but for now my main objectives are to make the graphics as modern as possible with a good storyline background in which anyone who plays can do what they want. the prob iv found with some mods is you only get to join factions if you register and even then sometimes you have to be accepted. that is not what I want for this mod. all races should be freely accesable to all. each path being the choice of the player.

    The best thing about creating this mod is I have so many ideas and the engine is mine to do as i please with.

  • im learning. using youtube to learn how to use cinema 4d. just gota learn how to build a ship as the one in the vid wasnt mine lol. recon after a few weeks I could be building them like that though. then I gota learn how to put them into the game

  • I got a tutorial for ship making and im currently working on my first 1. I used youtube to learn how to animate. was prity simple using cinema 4d. just move objects to where you want and then select how many frames it will take to get to each point. the software does the rest

  • most of the effects on cinema are on the tool bar you just drag them and drop them where you want them depending on the effect. for some you have to edit the object e.g. for the sun you canged the lens of the light. the one in the video is 8-hi but you can use any of them really

  • Meh. Just go with Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas. Closing yourself in C4D is a total waste of time.

  • Theyre both the same bother... I have After Effects, but I'm not that professional to make the effects look like theyre really happening. It just looks over-posted. On this part I got Gisteron's help (he is using Lightwave).