Is Freelancer compatible with Windows 8?

  • Unfortunately my new laptop came with windows 8 and I have no idea if FL will run on it or what it will do if I try to run it. I haven't installed FL on it yet. Does anyone have an idea if it will work or cause problems? Anything I need to know before trying to install?
    Will look forward to your advice.

  • When FL asks to be registered what should I do? I understand that the site where it needs to be registered no longer exists or something. Also, will an i5 processor make the game too fast? I'm not sure what behaviour to expect from FL on this laptop.

  • Don't be silly... The better the processor is, the better the performance is.
    And look for a crack (or no-cd) for Freelancer on Google. If you won't find it I'll give you a copy.

  • Will the one enabling game play without the cd also work? Btw the better processing doesn't work for my Lord of the Rings game. I actually lost some graphics quality. Don't know why. I think the graphics card is supposed to be good. Maybe this is the laptop version for better processing, not good video quality or graphics. (Not even movies look good on it :( )

  • Yes, this one should work.
    Laptops are naturally for work, not games and movies. Therefore they have a weak graphic card and a strong processor. They're made for multitasking and not gaming or watching movies. There are of course laptops designed for gaming or graphic designing that can stand in high-end graphics (and obviously the price is fair), But every modern laptop is good enough for FL's graphics.

  • I've downloaded the no-cd program and have installed FL. Now FL can run without being registered (it has a register option and a play option). But the no-cd program complains about a 'Common.dll' file being missing when I try to run it. I think I can play FL without it, though. Still, it'd be better to have it. I've downloaded it twice just to be sure it wasn't actually complaining about FL (first time had it installed before FL was up). I'd like to take you up on your offer of a copy, if it's still standing. I believe you can view my email?
    Btw, FL does look good on this laptop. It says it doesn't recognize my 3d graphics card, but it works just fine anyway.

  • PolarBear, nevermind my previous post. The patch works now - I've removed the FL cd and started the game and it runs just fine now. My problem now is that when I press F1, I am thrown out of the game to a settings window. How do I get F1 to work properly? I can't save or quit. It worked fine for a short while, then suddenly it started throwing me out.

  • I've done nothing except to run FL. The patch still complains about a missing dll-file when I try to run it, so it is definitely not the patch doing it. I've just determined that the F1 function works fine as long as the cd is in use :P - typical me to make unnecessary and unclassifiable problems for myself and everyone else. I'm really sorry about that. F1 is only problematic when the cd is removed. Will the patch work without the .dll file when I copy it to the exe folder?

  • Win 7 and Win 8 will cause you problems with games that need updates or changes to files, the best way round this is to install your games on a separate partition or other hard drive that is not were your OS is installed.
    Hope this helps :)