Opening Gates / NoStory-Mod / OpenSP-Mod

  • Hello,

    I already tried several tutorials (creating gates, systems, ...), and even the OpenSP-Mod, but I cant get it to work.
    1.) How can I open/use the Gates without playing the campaign (storyline)?

    Even with OpenSP, I get the message "Zugang verweigert" (access denied in my german version). I tried to raise my level to 30 with char editor, because I thought maybe its a level thing, but it didnt help.

    Deleting or deactivating (";") the "locked_gate"-entries in DATA/initialworld.ini and/or the savegame (in unmodded version) didnt help either.

    1.a) Is there a possibility to use an alternative "method" for the gates/holes for the jump? Like a "dockable" version?

    1.b) Maybe I can use a Mission-routine that opens the gates? Because they open during the storyline in the missions. So there should be the possibility to just put this routines into the first mission maybe? Then I would just have to do this mission, could explore the universe then, and still finish the storyline later.

    1.c) Could the reason be that there are requirements like reputation or something?

    2. Is there a complete list for the codes? Or maybe a tool to read/list those? Codes like...
    locked_gate = 2926089285 = which gate/system? [initialworld.ini]
    nickname = Li01_to_Li03 = which systems? [li01.ini: NY to Colorado]
    ids_name = 260912 = which gate? [li01.ini: Colorado]

    Edit: very easy way to solve this -> "Ioncross" Savegame-Editor; the "Unlock Gates"-option works perfectly there. Though I would like to know how exactly... ;-)


  • 1.a)+b)+c)

    there are two .fl files inside the exe directory

    the initialworlds.ini mainly is used to set reputations for MP

    the file you need to edit is the newplayer.fl
    but you need to decode it first (a flsavegame editor can do that)

    The locked_gates entries are the stuff you are looking for.
    However, when you make changes you most likely wont see them in the game until you delete the restart.fl before you launch FL.

    2. There are many ways to get that done. Ioncross is one. FLdev would be another one. But there are many other tools which can do the same job.

  • Thanks!
    It seems like Restart.fl has to be deleted over and over, it pops up again and I end up in front of closed gates again.

    But at least, it works :-)

    And I have to give newplayer.fl a try.

  • restart.fl is created when freelancer starts if the file does not exist.

    The game fetches character information, reputations that are required to run the game and puts it into that file.
    It is the initial savegame that is used to start the story line. All other savegames are based on this one.