trade lanes and planetary orbits.. hmmm?

  • May be best to leave Physics, and indeed general thoughts about how our universe works, out of your analysis of freelancer. Play the game for what it is, and don’t worry about the ‘how’. There was a thread about tradelanes not long ago, may be worth digging it up, there were a few nice ideas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If there is anything more important than my ego around here, I want it caught and shot immediately ~ <i>(Zaphod Beeblebrox - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) </i>

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  • the tradelanes are equipped with micro burst thrusters and are alligned by navigational IR lasers, the thrusters pulse to keep them in line, connecting to destination, and out of the way of other celestial objects. Don´t you know anything? &lt;bretonia gunboat 4 eva&gt;

  • ok seen as something bout physics has been mentioned lol why when u fly in space(vacum) and turn ure ship u lose speed there is no friction in space to slow u down ...... <img src=´…/iconmisc/Space_Ghost.gif ´> the nomads are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • If you REALLY want to get into Physics, THERE IS NO WAY ships in any of these games sould manuver like they do with one enigne, they would need tens of correctional thrusters, which would not be able to put much force on the ship, if it has full MAIN engine(s) going

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  • Cyperspace can be a funny thing... lol... By the way, the relitive planetory movements around a cyestrail object converts to standard wayward outerplanetary movement vector. THEREFORE, by Einstiens theory of realativity, bodies of supernatural misconduct in a vacuum is in relation to counter-point acceleration. And if anyone has a better way of describing how it all works, then go and win a nobel peace prize or sumthing! <img src=smilies/icon_smile_wink.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Utopia -------- &quot;I´m not a lifesaver... I´m a screensaver...&quot;

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  • see, it all runs on &quot;Stupid&quot;. It´s the power which makes all things possible in Science-Fiction. It circumvents and overrides all laws of physics and logical thought. There´s a pretty simple explanation of how it works, too- Don´t ask, Stupid! <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> ---------------------------------------- &quot;Although I do not consider myself a member of the Bounty Hunters´ Guild, I find that their goals and mine often follow the same path. I will aid them when I can...if they give me a percentage of the salvage from whatever they frag along the way. But god help them if someone puts a bounty on THEIR heads, for I don´t care who I hunt for, as long as their live capture(or untimely death) can get me enough credits to buy a decent sized mug of my favorite drink.&quot;- A Freelance Bounty Hunter. ---------------------------------------- Anub- damn, what IS the plural for that? Anubii? Anubises? Anubice?

  • micro-burst thrusters and IR navigation computers.. aha so the tradelanes are moving slowly with the orbits of each celestial body. that can satisfy me for the time being.. now I just would love to see this in motion.. and see how in fact the tradelanes would shift in order to plot new vectors around the sun. I guess our nav-maps would change slowly throughout the course of each year... does anyone know if the alpha version of freelancer had rotating/revolving planets?

  • As for the extreme space flight maneuvers of ships... All spaceships are equipped with inertial gravity dampers to compensate for lack of physical thrust. Thats why. And though it seems the ships all have endless power.. they really dont. Power comes from zero point energy found throughout the universe (zero point energy is quite cool.. look it up). Or another option is interstellar hydrogen.. or sterling motors.. take your pick, a combo of all three suits me fine. The tradelane thing was just a bump.. and i cant imagine in my head how a system would actually look with tradelanes.. seeing that everything orbits the sun. But that micro gravity booster vector changing IR thingamabob might just suffice... <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

  • Really the whole question is not really valid in the context of the physics - they´re completely at odds with the real universe. The planets don´t move or even rotate (which would be cool - it´d be nice to land on, say, New London and find that it´s night for a change); there are no orbits, because the planets aren´t orbiting anything. Look at Maine - it just sits there off Pittsburgh and never moves. In reality, gravity would pull them together. Planets are a few Km across and a few tens of Km apart... ships can fly through each other in trade lanes... gas forms into pockets in a vacuum... shields that can take a 2000-point whack can´t protect the hull from atmosphere or radiation... all nonsense. At the end of the day, who cares? I quit worrying about the inconsistencies and enjoy the ride.

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  • It´s probably more logical to believe that whoever came up with (and mass produced) trade lanes went to great lengths to provide a continuous source of thrust at certain points on a planet, to make sure it stays completely still. They then installed special cloaked lamps all around the planet to ensure it is completely bright no matter where you are relative to the sun(s). Some of the ones surrounding the more arid planets probably have faulty ones, which give off heat. Ok, maybe that´s just a little too paranoid... verum malum non est, humanitas modo est

  • Someone posted a while back that the documentation says that the Trade Lanes are supposed to be sort of like a Jump Hole/Gate Lite. My guess was that from ring to ring, you actually aren´t travelling in a straight line, it just seems like you are. As for the planets not moving at all in the flight sequences, maybe they are moving but you never see it because you either are in the trade lanes in which case they are adjusting for you or you are in &quot;slow&quot; space, in which case you can´t see them moving. Of course if you have installed a Mod with an on-board warp drive, it kind of throws this last idea right out the window. No hope here on and explanation for the planetary rotation thing.

  • Here´s as theory of how the planets stay in one spot and the nav map to stay fixed at all times. keep in mind this is only a theory I pieced together on the spur of the moment. The planets have an orbit around the sun, they just move so slowly, we won´t see the change for another 25 years on a MP server--that´s not good? okay then, let´s try something else. Perhaps there is a technology that allows the planets to make adjustments to their gravity , allowing them to keep a static position in their respective systems. . . hmm, that doesn´t sound right either. Well, the logical assumption is that the planets were programmed to stay where they are. We´re talking software here, not physics! <img src=smilies/icon_smile_big.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> ___________________________________ There is no knowledge that is not power.

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  • Finaly! Sombody noticed! It is imo a pleasant little solution to the manufacturer too have planets and stations simply not move. Otherwise, all tradelane hell breaks loose

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  • Acutually - you can have a couple of tradelanes if you like just off of a planet, then a 100k gap to the next one at the next planet, where you have one or two left. It gives a strange feeling of not being able to do anything whilst hurtling through space without passing the gates. Its just done this way for aesthetics. Also - they haven´t ignored phyisics in the game, but merely made it easier - so in fact if you increase ships mass, then it will keep moving through space longer in the direction of the force) than one with less mass. Also - increase the drag factors and other things, and you will then see the effects of being in space......kinda. Lets just suppose how this game would be if realistic!! 1) You wouldn´t hear any sound except sheild failure message or comms etc 2) You wouldn´t be able to fly manually very easily, it would be fustrating and annoying. 3) Dog fighting would be nearly impossible to fly around, as you wouldn´t ´turn´ on a six pence - you would ´slide´ accross the stuff. 4) Flying through space at ´warp´ speed would take forever. 5) Nothing would be in the same place. 6) Full cargo holds would mean you couldn´t steer full stop. 7) You could be stranded by flying round fighting incase you didn´t have enough fuel for the ship. 8) No ship would catch on fire, and explosions would be...........hmm...dull to put it mildly. However, take out a few of those and it sounds real nice in fact! Hmm - mod ideas or sommat.....................hmmm <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Oh - also aiming and shooting would be too easy as lasers travel at speed of light instead of 600m/s ?? More like 386,000 m/s methinks - and they would have incredible ranges, as lasers DON´T lose intenisty. The light won´t dissappate as there is ´nothing´ there to cause diffraction of the light rays either - so shooting would be point &amp; shoot = boom without aiming probs at all - so turret fighting would be muchos simplos for freighters! Edited by - chips on 04-11-2003 14:55:36

  • Well, the dynamics of spaceflight can be more easily suspended if gravity wells/thrusters were considered. The &quot;sounds&quot; from space effects could come from stray communication chatter or something. Laser beams can be slowed down.. theyve done it successfully in laboratories. Perhaps the energy is slowed down, thus creating matter (reverse einstein´s equation) because a chunk of slowed down tachyon beams does more damage, than a stream of light (as a projectile would). I can suspend my beliefs for these things somehow.. my imagination can do it. But the tradelane thing seemed like a painfully obvious oversight.. I´m still trying to convince myself its ok. As for the tradelane gates being 100km apart from each other.. I´d have preferred something like that, because then your Neural Net computer could actually steer your ship for you as the alpha version intended.. (i hope that makes sense.. that would have been a better implementation of the idea I think.... imagine having only an entry point and an exit point.. and the entire tradelane is just a tunnel of hyperdimensional reality.. and jacking transports would require hyperdimensional disrupter mines instead of shooting at a trade gate.. aha cool idea.. i should design a game).

  • well theres a series of books by an author called peter f hamilton the books are 1.reality dysfunction 2. the neutronium alchemist 3. the naked god in these books most ships use 2 types of drive a ztt drve and the reaction drive ships... they both have the same princeples in flight but one is a bitek ship which is basicaly alive and folds space to where they want to go... the reaction drive is just the biggest rocket booster u could imagine.. but in regards to there astro navigation they have i imagine something like an internal clock(forgive the word usage couldnt think of anything better) so where ever they go in space at any given time they know where each planet will be and how to get there without fear of smashing into suns and what not so i think something like this would be alot better because the designers could have had day and nite cycles on planets and orbits around suns without the use of trade lanes or jump gates another way would be like in starwars a nav comp which figures out how to get somewhere and doesnt kill u on the way (flying through space aint like dusting crops boy u could bounce close to a star and that would end ure trip real quick)-han solo or the way of babylon5 open space go to a void pic u exit point and bam ure there sorry if i talked crap through that lol

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  • am truly amazed about slow lasers, i was under the innocent idea that the speed of light was a universal constant. You cannot get slow all. So how they can slow down a light beam (which is what a laser is) down - i dunno, but apart from that yup - i agree. Not sure that the tradelanes would ´steer´ you round stuff like planets safely - or just bang through them on the easiest route. Be easier to make a ´warp´ engine with new sound effects. Each engine takes like 10secs MINIMUM to go to ´warp´ - something like 2000 instead of cruise. At that point, just using an object (gate) that is at each destination with a fantasitic view range or sommat (basically so you can ´plot´ it on the nav map or just through objects on scanner stuff.) then hit the cruise followed by ´warp´ and let autopilot do its job instead. Gets rid of tradelanes then.