Singleplayer Mod?

  • Hi,

    I am new to Freelancer Modding and i have got a few questions. My Game version is 1.0

    I want to play the Freelancer Singleplayer Campaign with mods (especially new stuff like ships/weapons/graphics/effects/etc. etc.)

    I downloaded Discovery 4.86 but this is not working for me. I just can play the normal Singleplayer without the new added content.

    What do i need to do to play the Singleplayer Campaign with this mod & then play the campaign of the mod itself? Do i need previous versions from ModdB like 4.85 etc.?

    Which other content mods can you recommand for Single Player campaign?

    Sorry if this is a noob question

    Thank you


  • Thanks.

    Figured it out already.

    The problem is i can not dock to planets in Crossfire with bigger ships & the AI is a bit to hard for me. I am not a good dog fighter.

    I am using Discovery 4.84 right now & it works with the SP Campaign.

    A question regarding Crossfire/Modding: How can i make the AI behave "normal" (like in Vanilla) and can i make it possible to allow Battleships/etc. to dock on small planets/stations?

    Thank you,


  • About docking:

    You can't dock using docking rings on planets with larger ships than a freighter, you have to use moors, it's the vertical metallic thing above.

    About npcs (AI), all mods have increased the difficulty, surely at players requests. In Crossfire, before going elsewhere than Liberty, do missions again and again (at the lowest level at the beginning), it's the best way to train for a beginner.

    I don't know how Crossfire is modded, but about docking, see what I wrote above. About the Ai, I don't think you can modify anything except by modding yourself, but:
    1) Crossfire is copyrighted
    2) You have to learn a lot of things about modding, and modifying npcs/encounters (AI) is not the most easiest part for a beginner. See in the Tutorials area, I learned modding myselfby this way.

    Another link if you want to learn modding:

    Archived Lancers Reactor Forums

  • Ok

    I am playing Discovery 4.84

    Working fine... But i have got a problem with the enemies and their spammable use of nano/shieldbots.

    This is so annoying. Can i turn this off somehow?

    Docking works now,


  • Well, there is a solution but NEVER log on a server with these modifications, you could be kicked out and considered as cheater. Of course it could be more wise to do a backup of the file before any modification.

    You have to open loadouts.ini (DATA\SHIPS) and remove ALL bots/bats from each ship, an example I took from 4.83 (see the bottom):

    Hope this helps :)

  • I think it would be the right place to mention: I'm still working on my SinglePlayer mod called TimeLancer. It is a direct sequal of Freelancer's campaign with a 100% new missions, adding also new ships, weapons, factions with hardcore fighters, and most important: original content and plot that will blow your mind with Metatronic time loops.
    I'll be finishing the first mission and will release the demo ASAP

  • Hats off Polar, you're the only one (except SWAT as far as I know) to think about a SinglePlayer mod....huh, maybe it's because it's one of the hardiest part of modding...hehe