Enemy Equipment

  • Hello,

    how can I change the Ships and Equipment of the enemies I meet in Space? Which Files do I have to alter?

    And is it possible to make it random? For example, that there is a slight chance for a ship to carry (and use) a certain Weapon and might drop it, when it is destroyed?

    Also, is it possible to make destroyed ships drop their shields and thrusters also, when destroyed?


  • ncpships.ini

    thats where the ships for the factions are

    in order to change the equipment you will have to edit the loadouts.ini

    to let ships drop items you probably can add these items as cargo to the ships
    cargo = item, 1

    then you need to create a cargodrop fuse and add it to the ships (shiparch.ini)

    1. [fuse]
    2. name = drop_cargo_fuse
    3. lifetime = 0.010000
    4. death_fuse = false
    5. [dump_cargo]
    6. at_t = 0.00000
    7. origin_hardpoint = HpMount
  • For Missions you can edit
    DATA RandomMissions RMLootInfo.ini

    1. [RMBonusLoot]
    2. archetype = ge_s_tractor_02
    3. num_to_drop = 1
    4. faction = all
    5. difficulty_range = 40, 100
    6. weight = 5

    for normal system encounters
    DATA Missions LootProps.ini

    1. [mLootProps]
    2. nickname = special_gun15
    3. drop_properties = 25, 646965, 646965, 0, 2, 1

    edit the loadouts with the items you wish too drop at Data Ships *loadout.ini
    i think mounted stuff drops, although works as cargo
    cargo = your_item, numeric_amount

    hope this helps :)