Model Showcase

  • Is that the one Discovery also uses?
    Those engines seem to say so. :D

    I remember I used to get at least a 10 fps drop everytime I went into cruise, and was basically blinded.
    Good times playing Kuroko in it, she makes a good GC.

    /end reminisce.

  • Had to go check in the mods I dont use folder... lol, eventually found her listed as a fighter, yeah same old mancer mesh, looks like disco stuck with the original hardpoint layout tho.

    It's a nice looking model, and I just loved the way she looked when she was rigged up and running for the img, you know? Down in the dublin system pair of crows with their random cargo pods (I scripted her up as an npc only transport class vessel) and their starfly escorts pottering along besides em at a 'too loaded to run' speed 60, making for the leeds and london jumpholes.

    Nice touch of variety in the games 'working ships', and in a mp server a nice change of pace for folks hitting transport convoys, shielded, heavy armour, AA pom-poms kicking out, for a lone pirate player, a fight where you DONT try to kill the ship, you just pop the cargo pod, tractor, and run, otherwise those big AA's are gonna mess your paintwork up bad, lol.

    Now thats MY idea of 'enforced roleplay' ;)


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  • So I finally made another model for Continuum, the Coalition Mining Station. More importantly I've changed the modelling style to and tried to make us of what enenra suggested, and I came up with this.

    Upper part.

    Lower section.

    Back section of the station, where there will be the depots with ore stored and/or transports.

    Flat zones as on previous models are a need because it will increase dramatically the poly count if we will have only highly detailed areas on 100% of the model's surface.

  • Yaknow, when I first looked at the model (as everyone knows IGNORE DESCRIPTIONS) I imagined a moving space station sort of thing. Perhaps owned and operated by a clan of small fuzzy gnome-like peeps that flew their space station ship around the galaxy, pulling out of Hyperspace in orbit of a busy spacefaring planet and setting up shop, hoping the locals would rather get their hands on nifty stuff and sell off their excess instead of shoot and the poor little guys.

    But, I guess a Coalition Mining Station works too.

  • bob

    Let's say the stations of the Republic of Novgorod (Coalition) were made up of modules attached in space. The back section will look more depository-oriented when there will be attached the future Coalition depots/cargo ships, inside the docking section of the back part and surrounding that zone as well.


    8287 Polygons


    Approximately 2 hours. The shapes aren't hard to make once you have the idea, more are the details.

  • I think that with souch a great model people will forgive a crappy SUR. At least I will...

    Maybe you could break it into modules, this will make the SUR making easier!