StarTrader here

  • Hello all.

    For those who know me, hi again!

    For those who don't know me, I'm an old Mad March Hare, been around the game and TLR and The Starport for about 7 years or so.

    I enjoyed the FL game and joined the RRJDS (Reputation Repair and Judicial Distribution Specialist - we fix your rep but hand out swift punishment if you cross us!) Guild because the guys were there as fun-creating, role-playing mentors and co-fliers, not stupid blast-em-all harassers.

    Then I got bitten by the modding bug and wrote the RRJDS Mod, initially pinching WTS Worlds 2.40 that Crabtree kindly let our Guild have as a base.

    Eventually I was elected to Guild Secretary and charged with running the server. I have done a lot of modding work, nothing spectacular, and my long-term problem and expertise has been in making .sur files, and in prodding programmers to write better tools for making them. None 100% successful as yet.

    Sadly my fellow Guilders were around my age and older, and many have died off or have been denied Internet in their Old Folks' Homes, so basically there are just 2-3 of us left! ROFL

    Our mod is stored on our server at if you fancy taking a look. You are also welcome to run a server, we are about to lose ours which is a commercial server. It is running for now until the provider re-allocates it to a new customer.

    I will drop in from time to time and reply with advice, or blast someone that I might disagree with strongly, with a sardonic sense of humour - that's the Mad March Hare part. :)

    SwatOp - if there is anything I can do to help you organise TLR please ask, I know how difficult it is.

  • Hey guys.

    Thank you SirDrake! Hiya Soupman!

    Hey IronHeart - Nobody hates anybody. What's the point? We should be trying to pool our resources guy.

    Me - spy? OK, tell me what you know then I'll kill you and report back, ok? (Shouldn't take long, folks)!

    Heheheheh. rofl

    Swat - let me know what you need that I can do, I'll be back to help after the holidays.

    Good to "see" you.

  • no soup... your observation fits pretty well
    I clearly have no time for hate and am supporting the lancer community for meanwhile 10 years (in two months it will be 11 years) -> even supported TSP some time.
    My OPinions and methods are very often critical and contrary to the ones used at TSP but in most cases this has prevented troubles for the people which layed their trust in me. Reason for that is that i am even more critical to myself, I know my mistakes... tried to correct the important ones and accepted the unimportant.
    There is simply no room for hate or causing damage to others... constructive work is much more important.

  • The more Freelancer Communities, the better and it's no good to bicker between them. I try to be a member of all FL Communities other than trying to just be a member of Clan Communities. If I go to a site and even if it only has one post or, topic about Freelancer, I'll register to get more topics going about the game. It's all good, no matter where you're from and/or doing with them. Just as long as Freelancer is kept alive and servers are running is all that matters to me. :thumbup: 8o

  • Thats right. The idea behind the new TLR was not only to keep this community running but also to bring the existing communities closer together. This is an idea which partly worked as TLR gets support from various other FL communities and we would discuss important decisions with those communities if they have an influence on the FL community in general.

    In the past every community did its own widespread decisions. Mostly good for the own community... not always good for other FL communities. Coordinating such stuff and taking care of the needs of other communities is important these days as we dont have the luxury of a large player base anymore. Doing mistakes which damage others is no option.