Lancersreactor (resurrection)

  • Its been awhile that ive been here. Putting aside that I have had good reasons for that my current visit does not deal with that.

    Id like to come straight to the point.
    Based on my point of view TLR is almost dead or at least in a state of coma. A few old members still visit it from time to time, a very few new members (one or two per month) post their questions which barely get answered (often due to the lack of valid answers). That is just my observation and if you are honest to yourself and look at the noticable amount of threads with the content "what happend to lancersreactor?" you will come to the same conclusion.
    Who ever keeps this site hosted (azza or ... dunno) keeps the status quo (for meanwhile 3 years)... which is not that much anymore.

    I came here because I want something.
    I want the site... I want TLR. And yes I know... I am very direct.
    The current owners can decide if they want to keep it dying slowly or if they allow me to rebuild it. They can keep the domain if they want... I just want the site and all neccessary data to turn it into an active FL site again.
    Consider it a safety contract.
    I get the site and all data hosted on it and in exchange you get a working community as I definitly have the skills and the will to make it active again.
    If the domain owner thinks I am doing shit then he can easily redirect the domain to a new forum/site.
    If I think that the domain owner does crap (just like in the past) then its my turn to decide what I do with the site.
    Just like I said... a safety contract. If both sides stay fair and follow the rules the community will be just fine and take benefit of everything we do. My personal benefit in this deal is stability.

    It is getting 11 years that I am part of the lancer community. 7 of those years i was member of TLR, advisor of the TLR owners for a long time aswell and even TLR admin in times that my help was requested. I know how to build up communities, i know how to run them. My own site is one of the fastest growing Freelancer communities on the net, so i know what i am talking about.
    The concept Ive in mind is not easy to be done nor will it lead to fast changes... everything needs time to grow.

    What I have to offer are the resources and the knowledge to get the ball rolling again.
    All i need from you is the chance to create a proper playground and a few team players to run a first match.

    My offer stands... say "yes" or say "no" ... it is about your site.

  • yes u can have all unconditionaly this was intention from start,
    that someone who is rly commited to subject should have it all.

    id only wish to participate as regular user,
    which is not obligatory to new ownership.

  • of course... everyone is welcome as TLR always was meant to be a free community for all the players
    that is what old m8s like bargib had in mind and thats how i want it to be again

    what ive in mind is focusing more on the lancer games again, their mods, their communities, their servers and general support for players
    what i currently cant do to extend is to give modding support as this requires time that i dont have and/or modders which help me with this area of the old TLR

    I am clearly willing to put the differences of the past aside to make it happen aslong we stay fair to each other.

  • SWAT, I appreciate your initiative a lot. I've been with TLR for 8 years and seeing it going down after the original site surprisingly went offline was a pain. I'm trying to do my part to keep it up and fly the flag. But you make me curious. How do you want to turn this undead corpse into a paradise bird again?

    But again, kudos for your willpower =)

  • ok thx to azza i was able to initiate the domain transferal to the new host, only a final confirmation is required to get it done

    the data from the current TLR will completly transfered
    forums, downloads, boards, threads, news, posts, users and pms will be transfered to a modern commercial forum that allows us to create a high quality site around TLR with all neccessary features that we will need to re-build everything.

    I intend to get the new site running this evening so there will be no downtime once the domain transferal is confirmed.

    The style and the new features of the new site will be changed and added bit by bit. I will also request the help and cooperation of other FL communities as they will also be able to take benefit from the TLR-rebuild.

  • i know this thread is kinda old, but i wanna put in my 2 cents as well.

    I am playing this game since it came out in 2003. Im old school to this and i remember when this site started, almost everyone involved in this came here to be part of it.
    One time when Freelancer got older and many players spend their time on other games the game as well this place became kinda lonesome. Servers started to die. I started running from mod to mod to find one wich fits best for me. I found many i liked and i played here and there, but for some reason i always came back to vanilla, cuz its the one i played most.
    I really was shocked in a way, when i found out that this place alsmost died, cuz this for me was like the bible for freelancer. Tons of infos, dloads and advises.
    Now im an admin again on a vanilla server and like to populate it and hope that more players are willing to join the fun like in the old days. Of course i used a different name before, but i really like to impress my respect to SWAT, that he brought this place back to life.

    When i think about freelancer, TLR is the first place im gonna look for. Great to have it back. :)